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Release: Philosophy in the Boudoir

May 11 @ 6:54 PM
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<span class="caps">PHILOSOPHY</span> IN <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">BOUDOIR</span> A co-production Os Satyros and Theatre Asylum. <p>This acclaimed production of experimental Brazilian theater company Os Satyros is based on the novel written by the Marquis de Sade. It is a unique... read all
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<p>Review Link:</p> <p>“It’s about allowing people to face their inner fears to enjoy the darkness within their lives, because if they don’t enjoy the darkness, they get afraid of it later on.” So begins Mikhail Tank’... read all
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May 11 @12:53 PM
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<p><span class="caps">NEWS</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span><br /> <span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span><br /> May 8, 2013</p> <p>Sacred Fools Theater in association with Get On With It Productions is proud to present:</p> <p><span... read all
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<p>Review Link:</p> Mikhail Tank’s Psychological Antidotes and Soul Prescriptions: The Story of Darksoul Theatre documents the events, emotions, and thoughts that led to his creation of Darksoul Theatre. This documentary offers an intim... read all
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Release: Natalie Portman, the Musical!

May 10 @10:15 AM
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<p><span class="caps">NATALIE</span> <span class="caps">PORTMAN</span>, <span class="caps">THE</span> <span class="caps">MUSICAL</span>!</p> <p><span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span></p> <p>Contact: Brittany Garms<br /> natalieportmanthemus... read all
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<p>The new company brings the play-within-a-play hit musical, a love letter to musical theatre, to the Hollywood Fringe Festival in a co-production with Theatre Unleashed.</p> <p><span class="caps">LOS</span> <span class="caps">ANGELES</span> – “[title of show] speaks to every young professional tryi... read all
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<p>“Funny is the New Sexy” is the theme of this show. Actually, funny has always been sexy and, as if to underscore the point, the eponymous star of The Ruby Besler Cabaret is the perfection in fashion, face and figure of the archetypal 1940s Dame, as seductive with a witty lyric or line of dialogue ... read all
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<p><span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span></p> <p>Contact: Matthew Quinn<br /><br /> 415-336-0513<br /> 05/06/2013</p> <p>Combined Artform &amp; After Dark Entertainment<br /> present</p> <p><span class="caps">HOW<... read all
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<p>DeMystifying Magic <br /> A One-Man Show Written &amp; Performed by Bob Gebert <br /> June 2013 &#8211; The Hollywood Fringe Festival <br /> <span class="caps">RSVP</span></p> <p>A legendary stage magician bids farewell to eighty years of magic. Through a seri... read all
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May 07 @ 3:02 PM
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<p><span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span>: Tiffany Phillips, accomplished performer, writer, singer &amp; comedienne brings to the Fringe, her fast-paced, hilarious, one woman “tour de force”, “I Never Met A Jerk I Didn’t Like”; an unabashe... read all
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<p><span class="caps">NEWS</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span><br /> <span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span><br /> Press Contact: Cindy Marie Jenkins<br /> <code>CindyMarieJ outreachnerd</code> &#8211; (323) 552-3333 (for media... read all
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<p><span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMEDIATE</span> <span class="caps">RELEASE</span> (Los Angeles) Luna Noctiluca is a remix of the works Salomé by Oscar Wilde and Charles Mee reimagined by combining elements of both plays to highlight the dynamic nature of sex, love and power. Salo... read all
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Release: Roeo Town Press Release

May 05 @10:37 AM
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<p><span class="caps">PHILIP</span> <span class="caps">SOKOLOFF</span><br /> Publicity for the theatre</p> <p>P.O. Box 94387<br /> Pasadena, CA 91109-4387</p> <p>(626) 683-9205</p> <p>fax (626) 683-9172</p> <p>e-mail:</p> <p><span class="caps">FOR</span> <span class="caps">IMMED... read all
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<p>Take Me to The Poorhouse<br /> A middle class African girl dreams of becoming poor to have “soul” and win the heart of her classmate ♥.</p> <p>Disclosure: Invited to staged reading in private home. No cost to attend.</p> <p>I’ve been hearing about this show because the Assistant Director/Producer ... read all
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<p>Contact: Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni<br /> Email:<br /> Website:</p> <p>(Los Angeles, Calif.) — When actress and playwright Fanshen Cox DiGiovanni married the love of her life in 2006, her father did not walk her down the aisle. In fact, he declined to atte... read all


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What loyalty do you owe your spouse when they stop being the person you married? WOUNDED examines the role of a caregiver and how war affects both our warriors and their families. 33% off the full ticket price using the code FRINGER18. Thank you!


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Speculative fiction set in a theocratic state where sleep and dreams are policed and manufactured by the multinational, Narcolepsy, Inc. whose chief scientist and engineer, a queer Black woman, is under house arrest for selling company secrets.

Rediscover the Power of Human Connection

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True stories written and performed by the women who lived them. The unexpected becomes part of the fabric of their lives; the new normal. Each performance is unique with different storytellers.