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Millions of children are trafficked for commercial sex every year. This is happening in every major city in the world, including Los Angeles, and it is growing fast.

Toys is a daring solo show created and performed by Christina Evans to bring attention to this massive, yet clandestine issue. Combining dance, theatre and film, Toys is a short and powerful piece that captures the cycles of abuse, exchange, and corruption in which children are entrapped.

At an age where they should be playing with toys, children and young girls are bought, sold and used as playthings. Wrapped in plastic, handcuffed and sold as a toy that becomes stripped to the core, Evans encapsulates a trade where innocence is taken and beauty is bought.

Evans interest in the issue was sparked by reading a newspaper article on sexual slavery. Researching the issue further, Evans found the global extent and scale of the trade astounding.

“I wanted to create a work that generates awareness of this massive, underground issue. Being a mostly physical abuse, dance theatre is a very powerful medium for it’s portrayal” (Evans).

Donations will be collected at each performance and will go towards leading organizations combatting sex trafficking locally, globally and online.

Evans is an Australian dance artist and actress based in Los Angeles. She performed Toys to acclaim across Australia, including a sellout season at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, the worlds second largest Fringe Festival (Edinburgh is number one).

Toys is debuting in the USA at this years Hollywood Fringe. At 18 minutes in length it is a short yet memorable show, and one to make a lasting impact.

‘A truly memorable piece’ Theatre Australia

‘A dark but powerful expose of the sex trade’ The West Australian

TOYS – (preview) JUNE 3 @ 8pm, JUNE 11@ 7:30pm, JUNE 14 @ 8:30pm, JUNE 17 @ 8pm
Shepard Studio Theater @ The Complex Hollywood, 6472 Santa Monica Boulevard
Book at: http://www.hollywoodfringe.org/projects/4627
Tickets: $8 – $10

View trailer here: https://vimeo.com/213709871

Media enquires:
Christina Evans – Creator/Performer

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