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for the Hollywood Fringe Festival

Rocky friendships, cave monsters, love, and other natural disasters on the San Andreas Fault

Three best friends from high school, run aground on shitty jobs and instability in their early twenties, try to keep their adolescent love for each other alive while caring for a fourth friend who has become a powerful, ravenous, cave-dwelling entity. Even worse, the neighborhood gay bar is a total ghost town and the Target is closed. Crunch explores the intimacy and pressures of female friendship, the complexity of looking for justice when there is no clear place to put blame, and 101 fun and easy ways to cling to heterosexuality by your fingernails.

Opening on Saturday June 2, 2018 at 3:30 PM

For the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival, at The Broadwater Black Box

Written by Katie Eiler and directed by Bo Powell

Presented by Sacred Fools Theater Company


Jax Ball as Evie

Jessie Bias as Justine
Marian Gonzalez as Ensemble
Danielle Smith as Beth

Mona Lufti as Wendy

Graphic Design and projection design by Jax Ball

Stage managed by Angel Hernandez
Set Design by Dean Grosbard
Videography by Emily Bolka

Make up Design by Kye Aragon

Fight Choreography and intimacy direction by Celina Surniak
Technical Direction by Sara Haddadin
Costume Design by Rachel Harmon
Sound Design by Bo Powell and Cole Wagner
Props Design by Bo Powell
Producers: Alon Dina, Brian Wallis and Emily Bolka

WHERE: The Broadwater Black Box (6322 Santa Monica Blvd.)

Play is 90 minutes long

6/2 (3:30 PM)
6/9 (11 PM)
6/10 (9:30 PM)
6/13 (9 PM)
6/23 (4:30 PM)

ADMISSION: Tickets are $15

Press Contact:

Alon Dina,
310-228- 8451

NoHo Arts District

A 2780 m 9864251

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