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What are each of your backgrounds in terms of theater?
Well, we both have been to the theatre once before, and I feel asleep, but Jeff stayed awake the whole time!

How would you describe your musical in a nutshell?
We Need This Musical To Stop Us From Killing Ourselves: The Musical follows Sarah, a struggling singer, and Mitchell, a failing actor, as they contemplate suicide. After some bargaining with their mutual therapist, the two find singular hope in a shared creative outlet in order to stay alive: putting on an original musical. WNTMTSUFKO: The Musical is a dark comedy that celebrates friendships, musicals, and the bleakness of it all – and it has a catchy acronym!

What inspired you to write this show? Why tell this story?
Jeff had a witch visit him in a dream and told him that if we didn’t write this show, our families would be cursed for ten generations. We went to a healer in Silver Lake to get the curse removed, but instead we walked away with overpriced sage that we smudged our house with. I think in the end we came out on top.

When writing this piece where did you start?
Well, first we read Stephen King’s book “On Writing.” Then we wrote then middle of our show and worked backwards. We then wrote the beginning, rewrote the middle, listened to the audiobook of “On Writing” and finally we paid somebody in Romania to write it for us, but we got a geology term paper instead.

How do you work together as composers, lyricist and librettist?
One of us sits around drinking wine while the other does the work. There’s yelling involved.

What influenced the music for this show?
We developed a groundbreaking concept that we call “musical monastery,” where we strictly limit our daily musical intake. For this particular show that meant eliminating all music from our lives except “Gasolina” and “Macho Man.”

What can audiences expect from your show?
I think it’s safe to say that our audience can expect to come to our show as PBR, and leave as the champagne of beers.

Any final thoughts about the show you’d like to share?
If you come see our show, we can personally guarantee that you’ll have seen the show.
Also, no refunds.


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Three best friends try to keep their adolescent love for each other alive while caring for a fourth friend who has become a powerful, ravenous, cave-dwelling entity.

Fresh Meat

A 3884 m 7438018

A dark comedy with cannibals and furries whereby one small algorithm goes awry and all hell breaks loose.