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“Stages,” written and performed by the amazing Emily Goglia, is an absolute gem. I loved this show. The pacing, the music, the story, and especially the charismatic and charming performance of Ms. Goglia made for a truly fun and memorable evening.

The show is subtitled, “Girl meets boy, Boy meets boy, Girl meets drink" and Ms. Goglia takes us through her journey of the five stages of grief of her relationship, and each one is punctuated with poignancy, humor and pathos.

The band that accompanies Ms. Goglia’s beautiful and assertive voice needs special praise for being absolutely brilliant and completely one with the singer. The band’s musical director and guitarist is Emily Rosenfield, on keys, Benjamin Keys, on drums, Logan Shrewsbury, and on bass guitar, Christine Meisenhelter. It is hard to pick one song or part of the show that stands out because the show as a whole was so good and powerful that it all deserves equal praise.

In this town, we often hear the terms “X-Factor,” “Star Quality” or “That performer has IT.” All I can say is that Emily Goglia has all three and I cant wait to say… "I saw her when.”


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WINNER of the Hollywood Encore Producers Award! Only performing 1 encore show! Get your tickets now for the 6/30, 5pm show at the Lounge Theatre!