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Renowned spiritual psychologist and performer Kamakshi Hart shares her inspiring story of
healing and helps others with a unique solo show based on her popular therapy workshops.
Kamakshi Hart first heard a voice call to her 30 years ago as she was
walking down a Manhattan street. It said, “You will be called upon to tell your story.” About 15
years later, while studying what would become her profession, the spiritual psychologist finally
faced her repressed trauma and began writing. Another 15 years of intense work and healing, a
serendipitous meeting with her director Jessica Lynn Johnson, and the advent of the #MeToo
movement led her to finally fulfilling that prophecy.
Wild at Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph
runs this June at the Lounge Theatre as part of the
Hollywood Fringe Festival.
Wild at Hart,
a sexual trauma survivor shares her sojourn from suffering to sovereignty. A
healing journey meets spiritual wisdom with the timely power of #MeToo and #TimesUp. A
tapestry is woven from a painful history with the threads of grace and intense effort that lead to
revelation and triumph. Through song and story, Kamakshi brings 20 characters from her life to
the stage. Her wide range of talent as a storyteller, singer and performer offers the audience the
full journey from tears to laughter building the bridge to the deep well of vulnerability that we all
“My intent is to share my own journey in order to create a teaching platform about healing from
and empathy for trauma,” Hart said. “And also to spur the conversation of how to make
substantive change in a culture that continues to support sexual violence towards women and
Hart first premiered her show earlier this year at SoloFest to audience acclaim. Hart is a stage
veteran of thirty-plus years in New York, L.A. and other places throughout the country. Further,
she is a master guide, counselor and facilitator in spiritual psychology, helping others gain clarity
about their relationships, life paths and purpose.
Wild at Hart
differs from other solo shows
because Hart also provides patrons with a how-to guide to moving on from trauma to positive
change and true well-being, just as she does in her popular Wild at Hart Workshops, which she
will offer on June 9 through the festival.
“I hope when audiences see my show they get permission to be vulnerable about their own past
wounds and hurts,” Hart said. “For those who have suffered sexual trauma of any kind, to feel
reassured that they are not alone and that there is real help available. To believe that real healing
can happen no matter the extent of the trauma. To be inspired to hear my story of pulling myself
out of despair to continue on to use my experiences to help others. To feel inspired to share their
own stories perhaps as a way to heal.”

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