Fringe Indiegogo

With just under three weeks Fringe 2015 is almost upon us.  The excitement is building as we are ready to welcome a group of amazing artists to Honolulu.  We have shows in a number of style which include live theatre, dance, improv, comedy, solo acts, clown, aerial art, bellydancing and much more.  Building a stage for them to all shine is what Fringe is about. To support our local artists and visiting artists. They are ready to give you a fringey weekend full of fun and wonder. To enab...


People from the anti-99 side of our community, and even some friends of mine, have asked why I frame this debate as acting for “art” versus acting for “pay.” The answer is simple: what’s the alternative?The 99-seat debate, by its nature, cannot be described without attributing motives. As a result, most people use a sort of short-hand to describe different reasons actors choose to act. Both sides do this, sometimes innocently (I’ve been called “amateur,” as in “s...

First Friday Honolulu

Every month in Honolulu the arts district welcomes visitors to their First Friday event where ART is the focus.  First Friday in Honolulu has been going for over 10 years and this longevity is a sure sign that ART contributes to the well being of the community.  Along the way there have been some lean years but of course as we know ART is very resilient.  There’s no better way than to see this resilience by visiting Chinatown Honolulu every First Friday. Please note: the...

HFF17 T-Shirt Design Contest

The Hollywood Fringe Festival tee that is produced every year is a collector’s item; iconic for that year’s fringe. We are once again reaching out to our Fringe community to design the 2017 festival tee. Join the design contest and you could win $499 (minus the commission taken by 99Designs). The qualifying round of the contest is officially open as of the sending of this newsletter and will close on Sunday, May 1st. Please see this link for all the guidelines and sprea...

Official HFF17 Stats: Bigger Than Ever

This year’s numbers reflect a growth trend that has been in place since the festival began in 2010: The festival sold over 65,000 individual tickets (from 17,000 in 2010).The festival sold an estimated $540,000 in tickets this year (from $50,000 in 2010, almost 1,000% growth).In its eight year history, Hollywood Fringe has returned over $2.3 million to artists.375 productions participated in this year’s event (from 180 in 2010), mounting 2,064 performances at 51 spaces throughout cent...

The HFF18 Scholarship Winners

After intense deliberation by our selection committee, we are proud to announce the 2018 Fringe Scholarship winners. Each production reflects Hollywood Fringe’s commitment to expand and diversify the pool of artists producing work at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. The Winners of the 2018 Fringe Scholarships are:Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)Unapologetically BlackTrafficked 2.0Paisajes Marinos Con Tiburones y bailarinesLove, Locs & LiberationI Came To Make NoiseLiao Zhai: Tale of ExtraordinaryA...


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Two Legendary Hollywood Producers navigate neurotic starlets, authoritarian auteurs, the changing times & their own inflated egos in this Forrest Gumpian tale of how two self-obsessed assholes created everything in Hollywood ever. Plus a monkey.