Wai Company at Edinburgh Festival Fringe

PLEASE NOTE: This story was published earlier this year.Various people and organisations often speak of a sustainable life here by taking care of the land and doing what is right. This can be a contentious issue on how best to do this, and a challenge to find a balance. One group that is taking on this challenge is Wai Company with a focus on the effects of GMO on the land and life here with their production, Malama Hawaii. And they are taking this message to the biggest and original Fringe Festival: Edinburgh Fring...


Saw this on the Big Cheap Wire and thought it might of interest to the LemonHeadNation.An article on Sustainability in the Arts was published on Big Cheap. You can read it here.But it’s Jay McAdams, Executive Director of 24th Street Theatre’s response, that was most enlightening. As it usually is. A man in the trenches, living the dream, or nightmare, depending on how you look at it.Give the article and read and then take a look at Jay’s response below:I read this article becaus...

Kan Mattoo to Succeed Ben Hill as Chairman of the Board

We’re excited to announce that Kanchan Mattoo will succeed Festival Director Ben Hill as Chairman of the Board. Kan and Ben are both co-founders of the festival and Kan has served for many years on the board. He served as the Fringe Development Director for many years before retiring from staff. From Ben: “Kan has been with the organization since its inception and has always been a driver for positive change. I am thrilled to work with him in his new capacity as he continues to develo...


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Two Legendary Hollywood Producers navigate neurotic starlets, authoritarian auteurs, the changing times & their own inflated egos in this Forrest Gumpian tale of how two self-obsessed assholes created everything in Hollywood ever. Plus a monkey.

Black When I Was A Boy

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Cooper Bates’ coming of age, autobiographical recollection, of the extraordinary inner life of Frankie Bates emerging from childhood as he grows into a teenager on the streets of Hill City, Kansas in the 70’s and 80’s pop 1,500