Happy Memorial Day, LemonHeads

I know this day is meant for those who lost their lives in war, but my father did finally succumb to a variety of illnesses, including Alzheimers, but one of them was COPD which was directly linked to what was probably Agent Orange in Vietnam.Anyway, I’m thinking about my dad today, Major General John Henderson Mitchell, he was buried in Arlington National Cemetery almost 2 years ago to the day.Miss you, pop. Every day. Wish I could talk to you about the life I’ve led since you left.Here’s to all t...

The HFF18 Creative Workshop Series

We are thrilled to announce the return of our Creative Workshop series this fall. Join us on Saturday, November 4th and Sunday, November 5th at one or all of our Creative Workshops focused on creative development and the writing process. The workshops are intended for those new to writing for the stage, but veteran Fringe participants will also gain new tips, strategies, and insights into the creative process. The Creative Workshops directly complement the spring 201...

How to be Lazy and Not Feel Guilty

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In this absurd satire, Jenine overworks herself until she goes insane! Watch her wrestle with a vibrant ensemble of weirdos. This play was workshopped at the 2017 William Inge Festival.

David Shaughnessy of 'Labyrinth' is

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A contrasting and provocative look at the intersection of gender, sports, and identity, 'Ronnie Brixton' is at once hilarious, touching, & deeply moving. PWYC Preview June 2 | Participants & Vets - Only $5 with Code HFFVET