Don Shirley Not Happy About Being Compared to Terrorists by Steven Leigh Morris

That’s right I just named two actual names in that headline. Why? Well, because those are the two individuals who are actually involved in this little sparring match that I’m about to highlight and also because it gets your attention. Today some call that “click-bait”. Back in the olden days when ink was used to create markings on parchment, it was called “selling newspapers”. Doesn’t make the events any less newsworthy, just makes me really good at writi...

'Nuff Said

Sometimes pictures…...

The Bitter Lemons' Top Rated Los Angeles Theater Productions of 2015

Okay, folks, this is the sumbitch that actually demands some work. And math. Nasty, nasty nasty math. I don’t like math. But I do like you, LemonHead, so I’m pushing through the pain, shaking hands with the demons, and making this list for y’all for the FIFTH YEAR IN A ROW because that’s how we roll here at the Lemon.Deep breath. And release.These are the Top Rated Los Angeles Theater Productions of 2015, pulled directly from our LemonMeter, the ones that the critics ...

The Bitter Lemons' Wish List for Los Angeles Theater in 2016

There are more than these, certainly, but this is the best I can muster today. Enjoy!- That the artists of this city learn how take criticism as it is meant: an individual’s attempt to impart their theatrical experience of a show to a larger audience, as well as sometimes offering valuable advice to the artist. It’s clear you all like being praised, everyone does, Travis Holder’s awards list exploded within days to over one thousand shares and our Best of List and our Top R...

Xmas Letter from the Bachelor Uncle in L.A.

One exit from mine on the Ronald Reagan Freeway, a Southern California Gas storage tank ruptured in October. The greenhouse emissions equate to an additional 2.3 million cars. Two schools and two thousand families have relocated. The problem might be fixed in March.Los Angeles writ large issues eighteen million challenges every day. Broadcaster and theater artist Steve Julian and his wife are going through a test of faith, and if you can help them out, I wish you would. The sculptor and visual artist Nancy...

Merry Christmas, LemonHeads!

Hope everyone is with their family and feeling the tidings of comfort and joy. I sure did. That’s my boy up there in the picture, Max. Yup. He’s a Master Builder. No big deal, cranks out age 18 plus sets all by himself. Yawn.Ever noticed how often people without kids hate Christmas? It’s because it was made for children. So if you’re feeling the blahs either kidnap a child now or get to work immediately with someone fertile and you’ll be all set for next year.I will be vanishing for a w...

KCRW's Best of Los Angeles Theater 2015

I know, I know, I’m really filling up the old blogosphere today. I’ve been away and so much has happened, well not really, but I know how easy it is to get behind on the latest. So, yeah, I’m filling it up.This will be the last of the day.  I hope.  Oddly it’s a two parter, you get the first 5 here, and then you’re forced to subscribe to A-Burn’s Backstage newsletter or something and then you can get the second 5 here. Hey, whatever works.Is it me or does Anthony look li...

Hollywood Fringe Hit "King Dick" Gets a Revamped Read at Rogue Machine's New Home

I enjoyed King Dick in its workshop form at the Fringe, even gave it a little Honorable Mention love in our Best of 2015 list.Now apparently it’s had some serious tweaking and is getting another look see as the first event in Rogue’s new home at the MET Theatre. Here’s the scoop on the poop:What: King Dick Stage ReadingWhen: Friday, January 8th, 2015, at 8pmWhere: MET Theatre (Rogue Machine), 1089 Oxford Ave, LA, 90028RSVP: roguemachinetickets@gmail.comAnd apparently there is food, d...

KCRW's Anthony Byrnes: "I do not believe theaters are really in competition with each other."

Uhhhh. Well, yeah, A-Burn, they are in competition with each other. Doesn’t have to be a bad thing, it just forces you to do what you do better.I will never understand this notion that the world of arts and entrainment must be devoid of competition. Now I’m not talking about “the making of the art”. That’s another beast altogether. When I’m writing a play, or directing, or working on a part, I’m certainly not thinking, “This play is gonna be better than so an...

Bitter Lemons' Editor to Write for Zombie Joe's 50-Hour Drive-By Theatre Festival

Yup. Some shameless self promotion here, LemonHeads, and yes I just referred to myself in the third person up there. It’s what we do. Or at least it’s what I do. Heh.I will be one of four writers for Zombie Joe’s 15th annual 50 Hour Drive By Theatre Festival, four plays created, rehearsed and staged in 50 hours, culminating in three performances for the public, January 23-25th, performances Saturday through Monday, 8:30pm start times for all shows, tickets are only $15 a pop.I acted in th...


A 3891 m 7971777

West Coast premiere of exciting new work by Welsh playwright Matthew Bulgo. Tom is forced to confront the demons of the past in order to save his family's future. "One of the best things on the Fringe." **** The Scotsman


A 3970 m 8902593

Speculative fiction set in a theocratic state where sleep and dreams are policed and manufactured by the multinational, Narcolepsy, Inc. whose chief scientist and engineer, a queer Black woman, is under house arrest for selling company secrets.