Rohrer Joins Faculty at Trump University

I’ve had to keep this under wraps, but today I can announce that I have accepted a full-time teaching position and will no longer be critiquing theater. Tony, Colin, I’m sorry you had to find out like this, but my new boss is adamant that nobody know anything before he does, and I got the word this morning.I’m leaving Los Angeles for Atlantic City, New Jersey, to teach dialectics, logic and critical analysis at the new Trump University, no long...

Vote Paul Storiale for Mid-Town North Hollywood Neighborhood Council

Paul is a friend a writer a director and a tireless advocate for theater, especially in the ever-burgeoning North Hollywood scene. He’s getting my vote. He should get yours as well. From the Desk of Paul Storiale:Thank you everybody for reading this, as this...

Critique of the Week (On a Monday)

Once again, Ern the Mick goes against the grain and absolutely lashes a show that’s been getting glowing reviews. Plus he manages to use the phrase “Elf’s farts” at least twice. Take a read. What was your experience of this play and whose reporting is more accurate, the 15 other critics or Mr. Kearney here?BLOOD...

The Saturday Saying: Philip Brandes, LA Times

“Children of alcoholics are at significantly greater risk of exposing others to an unfortunate self-penned solo show about their life experiences — at least according to a 2011 faux research study published in the Onion. Although couched as satire, the thesis all too frequently rings true. Exhibit A: the deadly earnest “Death Play,” Lisa Dring’s one-woman autobiographical performance piece at Atwater Village Theatre....

What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

Your ridiculously well-informed mid-week guide on what to see in Los Angeles Theater pulled directly from our ever trusty LemonMeter.Need I say more?I think not.If you’re looking to see some theater this weekend, this might be a good place to start.Weekly LemonMeter Update (Top 15 Rated Shows)A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER - 100% Sweet (17 reviews...

You Know it's Hard Out Here for a Theater Critic...

Saw this exchange in the comments section of Tony Frankel’s review of An Act of God which recently closed at the Ahmanson. Ezra’s reply is especially entertaining in response to the grump commenters. And people wonder why theater critics get so burned out, especially when they’re not getting paid…Henry Merkharian April 4, 2016 at 9:44 amWow, just read your rev...

One Man's Ceiling

By the time I faced the Technicolor riot of a Maryland spring, the birdhouse on the writing balcony had been occupied by carpenter bees the size of your thumb. I’d go out and start typing and one at a time they’d come down and give me a chest bump and say,“I’m here.”I said, “I know.”Every few minutes they’d bang into my face and say it again....

Help Us Pick the HFF16 Prom Theme

PROM VOTING IS NOW OVER! The 2016 Fringe Prom Theme is “Purple Rain”Ever dream about re-doing your prom, but with a way better theme and adults instead of teenagers? It’s time for you to make that dream come to life! This year’s Fringe prom theme is going to be picked by YOU! <stro...

"Good People" Lacks "Fuse" But Abounds In Acting Talent

Post cards from home. That’s the feeling one derives from David Lindsay-Abaire’s “Good People” now at the Hudson Theatre.But before going into that aspect, let’s talk actors.There are, in case you never noticed, a gazillion of them in L.A. One result of this fact is known as the actor-driven production, and this staging has the feel of one to me.Now at the low end of such undertakings you have “vanity-productions” which tend to be...

2nd Annual Valley Theatre Awards Set for June 6th

Well apparently it’s going to happen again. Here’s the info I found:Valley Theatre Awards will be held on Monday June 6th 2016. Nominations will be announced on May 12thThat’s it for now.No word as to whether they’ll be asking me back this year to host. Considering that I opened the ceremony with “Welcome to the first – and last – annual Valley Theatre Awards!” I can...

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