Emily Padden

We are very excited to have acts fly to Hawaii and be part of our Fringe. We continue to have wonderful artists join us from afar. And now we have our very first volunteer who contacted us to help during Fringe 2015. Emily Padden is currently involved in the theatre industry in New York. If her plans work out she will join us in February. Excitedly we asked her to tell us more.Thank you so much for contacting us to volunteer. No problem! I love fringe theatre!You are the first to contact us from out of town to volun...

Fringe Indiegogo

With just under three weeks Fringe 2015 is almost upon us.  The excitement is building as we are ready to welcome a group of amazing artists to Honolulu.  We have shows in a number of style which include live theatre, dance, improv, comedy, solo acts, clown, aerial art, bellydancing and much more.  Building a stage for them to all shine is what Fringe is about. To support our local artists and visiting artists. They are ready to give you a fringey weekend full of fun and wonder. To enab...

Are You Getting Your Full Hollywood Fringe Benefits?

Now in our fifth year as an official sponsor of the Hollywood Fringe Festival, we are once again proud to be offering a variety of benefits exclusive to all those participants out there.We just want to make sure you’re not missing out and are taking full advantage of the tens of thousands of page views we get here at the Lemon that always ramp up during the Fringey month of June.So let’s take a look at some of those now, shall we?THE 2015 BITTER LEMONS HOLLYWOOD FRINGE BENEFITSDeeply ...

Ten 2015 Hollywood Fringe Festival Shows That Look Interesting To Me

I have not had a lot of time to focus much on the upcoming Hollywood Fringe Festival and all the delectations being prepared within. Been a little busy with the launching of our re-designed site. Many thanks to all of you, by the way, who have offered your feedback, good or bad, it is all valuable and we appreciate it. Change is hard, but so far things are looking up.But the Fringe…Usually by now I have an idea of the shows I want to see, but again, I have not had a lot of free time to simply…peruse the ...

"The Godfather of the Fringe" on What the Fringe Is Not: Part Two - by Ezra Buzzington

Here is the second installment from the “Godfather of the Fringe” Ezra Buzzington, on What Fringe is Not and What it Might, Could and Should be. You can read the first part here.Part Two: The Future or Do We Take Ourselves Seriously Enough To Be Taken Seriously?By Ezra BuzzingtonBen Hill rightly decided long ago that the Hollywood Fringe would build its structure on the Edinburgh Fringe’s foundation of a non-juried, “presenting” Festival. One that facilitates the par...

Voices from the Fringe: Four Clowns' Jeremy Aluma

The Four Clowns Troupe has been amusing audiences all over the country since 2010 with its distinctive style of clowning and offbeat productions. Already honored with seven Fringe awards, the company is back this year with its largest show yet: The Halfwits’ Last Hurrah.In anticipation of this week’s official Fringe opening, Four Clowns’ Artistic director Jeremy Aluma was kind enough to answer some questions about the troupe’s history, the current production and future plans.What was the insp...

Fringe 5 Dates To Be Announced Soon!

Yes, it is summer and I hope you are all doing well in your fringey world!  Here at O’ahu Fringe plans are running along to cement our dates for our 5th year. To reach year 5 is a huge accomplishment and it is all thanks to you for your amazing support.Looking forward to announcing our dates soon.Have a safe and super summer!...

A cause, a cause! My theatre for a cause! By Ezra Buzzington

Lately I seem to be writing a great deal about the American theatre. I’m enjoying it immensely and, from the reports trickling back to me, it would appear that others have been as well. This thrills me no end. But, I keep asking myself why am I suddenly doing this? To be honest, I’m not sure. A sudden awareness of the importance of personal history plays a part, I think. Legacy and all that. But, I’m just not sure. What I do know is that looking back at the myriad experiences I’ve had and the...

Hawaii Business Podcast

It is always exciting to share what the Fringe is all about. Thank you to Hawaii Business Podcast for the opportunity to do just that. This session was so much fun to do. Click here to listen.HBP is all about sharing stories. Perhaps you may have a story to share. To find out more about them and the stories they share, please visit their site. ...

Maui Fringe Theater Festival Call Out

Maui Fringe Theater Festival is set for January 2016.  Application and more information is available now and you’ll get to perform at the Historical Iao Theater. You can also connect with them on their event page.Maui Fringe Theater Festival is presented by Maui OnStage.Best of luck for Fringe 2016 in Maui!...

A World Premiere Event!

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Buy $10 tickets to Opening Weekend June 9th and 10th at 4 p.m. Use code: beafraid This comedy thriller will have you questioning your own sanity!

Spiritual Ecstasy

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