What to See in Los Angeles Theater: Your Weekly LemonMeter Update

A little late on this one, LemonHeads, as I’m in Portland at the moment. Nevertheless, here is your weekly guide on what to see in Los Angeles Theater, pulled directly from our every trust-worthy LemonMeter. To get yourselves in the mix make sure to create a free show page on our site and then send all your press review links to lemonmeter@bitter-lemons.com. And encourage your audience to come to the site and add their own reviews to the mix so your show can get a LemonHeadMeter rating as well. Now go see some...

HFF18 Sponsored Awards are Here!

We are excited to announce this year’s lineup of Sponsored Awardsto be presented at the Fringe Awards Ceremony at The Ricardo Montalbán Theater on the final day of the festival. Thanks to all the organizations partnering with us to present these special awards! Sponsored Awards are presented by outside organizations to commend like-minded artists. You can see this year’s list here. Make sure you check each award’s submission requirements before contacting the aw...

Insightful and Inspiring!

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An exciting solo show about overcoming fear and learning how to fly!

‘The Maya in Me’ hits the stage!

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The Maya in Me is a one-woman theatrical production, accentuated by live music and dance. Set in New Orleans, Louisiana, a young woman hears the wise words of Dr. Maya Angelou, who offers similar experiences and advice during her turbulent journey.