Dead Happy

ensemble theatre · the beachball repression · Ages 14+ · family friendly · world premiere · United States of America

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Cell phones are sanitary. Humans on the other hand are filthy. Sludge monsters. Dead Happy—a madcap, temperamental duet—seeks to overturn the technological and excavate the most human bits of us that remain in tact, exploiting them for your viewing pleasure. Choreography and text weigh on one another in this dynamic workshop, which buoys the world of the subconscious to the body’s surface and plays upon our prevailing need for what’s tangible. (Not counterfeit, not sterile, not robotic.) Just bodies breathing in space, playing music, and longing for the days of yesteryear.

production team

U 62948 t 2970753

jessica barrett denison *

U 63881 t 9581640

brandon spear *

set designer/makeup artist
U 63882 t 5188882

kevin whitmire *

artistic director/actor
U 63922 t 3459107

rachel park *


* Fringe Veteran

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