ensemble theatre · blue tiger prod. · Ages 17+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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Two sets of strangers rent the same room back to back, week after week, in a commercial building in Hollywood. Nina is exploring Orgasmic Meditation with her coach, Kerry. Zorro and Princess Elsa are on lunch break from the Walk of Fame. Maybe this room will bring them together.

Twitter: @breathertheplay
IG: @bluetigersalons

production team

U 78953 t 3095669

marilyn fu

U 1345 t 1621349

mariah bonner *

U 78106 t 6322861

amanda harmon

artistic director
U 79188 t 1693447

blue tiger productions

production company
U 79233 t 4396416

teague labrosse

actor-the magical cleaning service guy
U 80747 t 4662988

keliher walsh

U 81865 t 3187424

jordan bielsky

U 81866 t 7816836

camille mana

actress-princess elsa
U 81867 t 6927216

graham sibley


* Fringe Veteran


A 3375 m 3194226

IF YOU SEEK AMY: or an evening of tragic retellings of how Cooper Howell screwed up opportunities for love time and time again whilst singing the greatest hits of Amy Winehouse.

Each Performance is a World Premier!

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