The Joe & Joshua Show! (2018 Edition)

comedy · joe & joshua present... · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 50 mins · United States of America

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Dates have not been officially announced yet but, if you’re somehow seeing this, that means you’re cool:

5/31 @ 8:00 PM
6/8 @ 10:30 PM
6/9 @ 6:30 PM
6/14 @ 6:30 PM
6/15 @ 10:00 PM
6/16 @ 9:00 PM
6/20 @ 10:30 PM

Buy your tickets when they go on sale cuz this show will sell out. Not cuz we’re popular or anything, it’s just a really small theater space.

Joe Hernandez-Kolski & Joshua Silverstein met while performing in the spoken word poetry scene several years ago. They collaborated on one poem and now they’ve created several shows together. Their unique blend of comedy, spoken word poetry, rap and revealing storytelling attracts fans from all backgrounds. Not only is Joshua Silverstein an accomplished actor but he’s also a professional beatboxer who has performed all over the world. He is currently the resident beatboxer on TBS’ “Drop The Mic” with Method Man. Joe Hernandez-Kolski is an Emmy award-winner and two-time HBO Def Poet who can be seen in the Netflix reboot “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.”

Come see why Stan Lathan, the co-creator of HBO’s Def Poetry & Def Comedy Jam says, “Joe & Joshua are hilarious and outrageous, driven by provocative writing and strong performances. They’re an amazing team!”

The Broadwater Studio
1076 Lillian Way
Hollywood, CA 90038

Check out Joe at and Joshua at

Or check out the link below for their MiTu web series and other videos!

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* Fringe Veteran


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