Trafficked 2.0

dance & physical theatre · the catalyst · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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June 06, 2018

On The Scene: 'Trafficked 2.0' Hits The Hollywood Fringe

Theater as the potential to be transformative, allowing the viewer to learn more easily about themselves and the world around them without even realizing it.

That’s exactly what Peerada Meemalayath (writer/director) and team hope to do with Trafficked 2.0, their inventive and important new piece premiering at this year’s Hollywood Fringe Festival. Trafficked 2.0 tells the story of Janelle (also played by Meemalayath), a young Thai girl who is suddenly thrown into the world of sex trafficking. It’s a sobering reflection and a timely parable. I had the privilege of sitting down with Meemalayath and her cast at their North Hollywood rehearsal space to discuss the merits of the show and why good theatre is needed now more than ever.

“I think theatre allows us to explore more.” Meemalayath starts. “The more you become aware, the more you can change things”

Vernice Zuniga, who pulls double duty as bo



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