F#@K I Love U: ALIVE!

ensemble theatre · lucky creates... · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States of America

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F#@K I Love U is a dramatic tale of a modern family that is quickly pulled into a spiral of interconnected events that test the limits of their bond and mutual love. Douglas Winston, a black conservative councilman in Los Angeles, CA has built his supposed dream life and family with his college sweetheart Angie, a white liberal philanthropist, and their twin boys, James and Michael. Douglas and Angie have very different views on life, but it was those different views and passions that attracted them to each other, as well as, the desire to have the perfect family. As both of their careers took off, leading in different directions, it became hard to be one another’s support system. Angie being a working mom of two, trying to hold the family together while keeping her own identity, does a television interview to promote her passionate work. In that interview she states that some of Douglas’ policies on banning teen birth control options would be, “detrimental to the community.” This ignites an anger and hurt in Douglas, leading him to feel he’s lost the one person he thought would never devalue him, and in such a public forum. With him feeling betrayed, Douglas stops speaking to Angie and enters into the arms of his very eager yet extremely unstable assistant, Clare. When Douglas and Angie finally come to an understanding, he firmly and brutally ends the affair with Clare. This leaves her totally unhinged and set on retaliation and revenge.

Douglas’ birth parents died in a fire when he was one years old. He was then adopted by his Godparents, a white upper middle class couple, Michael Sr. and Cynthia. They had a son of their own just months younger, James “J” Winston. J is now an early 30’s out-of-work actor who rebels against authority and treats life recklessly. He’s a good-looking, charming womanizer that uses various vices; drugs, sex, and alcohol, to medicate his demons. As children, J and Douglas were very close. They were best friends and confidantes. As they got older and their lives took different directions, their bond became strained.

With J not speaking to Douglas following a fight and the death of their grandmother, Douglas, with family in tow, goes to J’s house. Douglas asks Angie if she has seen his brother. She says no, however, Douglas knows Angie and J have been seeing each other because Douglas had J followed by a private investigator who took photos of the two together. This leads him to believe there may be an affair happening between his brother and his wife. Once at J’s house, the brothers fight leaving more hurt feelings and misunderstandings. Douglas and Angie are also introduced to Tiffany, J’s friend with benefits. Beautiful, sexy, carefree, and adorably politically incorrect, Tiffany finds and forces her way into the Winston family’s lives and hearts. As the family leaves J’s home, their lives are jeopardized by a drive-by shooting assumed to be aimed after J. Douglas demands answers from J about any crazy behavior or actions that would be the cause of this. Following the drive-by, Angie calls her college friend, Amanda Jain, for medical assistance. Amanda is a beautiful Lesbian Muslim Pakistani Md who is falling for an equally beautiful, but dark, tortured, and mysterious Dominican woman, party DJ, Elle. Amanda wants to get to know Elle and have a more meaningful relationship. Elle, not wanting to have an emotional connection, is very much drawn to Amanda and finds herself being more open than she’d prefer. The relationship scales tip in either direction to the fortune or misfortune of one or the other.

J, believing he knows who’s after him, comes to Douglas and tells him he had a sexual encounter with his drug dealer’s girlfriend. The brothers go to question J’s drug dealer, Junebug, 30’s, black, muscular, and intimidating, at his home in Inglewood. Once there, Junebug informs them that he had no involvement in the shooting, but since J is his “best client” he’ll find out who did. While on that, J finds out that Junebug is a single father of a college freshmen, Reggie. Reggie doesn’t know his father has been dealing drugs, guns, and prostitution to fund his college education and Junebug doesn’t know his son is a homosexual. Once both secrets are revealed, the struggle to understand and forgive is a more than difficult road.

These powerful stories with compelling characters are intertwined to make unprecedented and sensational entertainment. Every thought provoking episode ends in suspense, leaving you wanting more, all the way to the explosive conclusion.

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production team

U 47869 t 2900109

lucky mor *

as douglas, writer, director
U 97461 t 8656596

murisa harba

as angie, co-director
U 97462 t 6484798

karina farah *

U 97698 t 6091957

thai edwards *

as junebug
U 97700 t 9257425

kevyn richmond *

as reggie
U 97763 t 6463753

clare snodgrass

as clare
U 97764 t 4415806

ozzie rodriguez

as russell
U 97762 t 1365416

ashlee buchanan

as tiffany
U 97699 t 8502700

maceo fisher *

U 97918 t 2305351

kyle sing

j winston

* Fringe Veteran

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