comedy · dylan wallace presents · Ages 18+ · 75 mins · United States of America

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Sibyl is doing her best to properly celebrate her parents’ pearl anniversary and juggle a huge presentation in speech class; unfortunately Mother and Father are tough customers to please and their strict parenting hasn’t left Sibyl much time to practice her studies. Her elder sister (and transport to school), Rachel, has mysteriously disappeared and any mention of her name is enough to send Mother and Father through the roof! As if things couldn’t get any worse, a suspicious Maid has been watching Sibyl’s every move making her uneasy in her own home – wait, was that poison she just tucked into her apron? It seems there’s no one for Sibyl to confide in: old and frail Grandfather is out of the question, and Mother and Father have eyes and ears only for each other! All this stress and heartache has killed Sibyl’s appetite, and the timing could not be worse as Mother has just prepared a magnificent feast; a feast any good daughter would regret not eating… Especially if she knew it could be her last…

“I saw the opening night of Feast (2014) and it was absolutely amazing! It was witty, hilarious, dark, and thought provoking. The actors had incredible timing and energy which kept the audience engaged and on their toes. This is a must see show! I’m so glad that I went to see it. If you watch anything at Fringe, watch FEAST!” -Tiana Parker

“This dark comedy has you laughing while on the edge of your seat throughout the entire production. All of the actors portray remarkable and unforgettable characters that will have you talking about them hours later. “Feast” is this years must see play.” -Tracy Marquez

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