It's Easier To Love A Cat

solo performance · four katz productions · Ages 18+ · 1hr · United States of America

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Cindy, a personal trainer and actress, has spent a lifetime taking care of others…her family, clients, and just about anyone who needed a friend to rely on. Her bad choices in men as well as childhood traumas lead her to believe that she is worthless and unlovable. Having thoughts of ending her life, she calls up her best friend to say goodbye.
“Don’t kill yourself, Cindy? Just get a cat.”
“A cat? I don’t even like cats.”

Four cats and 17 years later, Cindy is a happy cat owner and rescuer. re. Who knew life could be so sweet?
Unconditional love? Check.
Always there when you need them? Check.
Good excuses to not date, socialize, travel or take risks? All of the above. Someone to snuggle with any time of the day? You bet!

Then, the unthinkable happens, life must go on, and sometimes, it’s just easier to love a cat.

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