Sex and the Musical

musicals and operas · for the love of parody productions · Ages 21+ · world premiere · 1hr · United States of America

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From the team that brought you “Buffy Kills Edward,” comes a new parody musical, a prequel to Sex and the City. “Sex and the Musical” answers the question of how our favorite girls became friends, with a pop score by composer Laura Wiley (Buffy Kills Edward, Winter Is Coming, The Video Games). Meet pre-pilot Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha as they meet one another in fabulous New York City. Come grab a cosmo and see the show that brings original pop songs, showstopper choreography, and the four sexiest women in NYC.

production team

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laura wiley *

producer, writer
U 63572 t 6123216

sherry berg *

carrie bradshaw, marketing
U 65405 t 5140411

cory robison *

director, mr. big, choreography
U 14092 t 7866124

alli miller *

samantha jones, choreography
U 63946 t 4245089

emily craig *

U 3805 t 6054300

aaron matijasic *

U 40711 t 9493179

reagan osborne *

allen prince
U 46468 t 7755351

nick rubando *

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sandy wang *

arranger/music director

* Fringe Veteran

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