Snow Fridge

immersive theatre · dr3amlogikk · Ages 21+ · world premiere · 16 mins · United States of America

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ATTENTION SNOW FRIDGE TICKET HOLDERS: We need to know your email address, and the Fringe ticketing system doesn’t give us that information. When you purchase your ticket, please opt into email sharing, or send us your email by emailing or messaging Karlie through the Fringe site. It is necessary for an essential element of the show. Also, if you have purchased multiple tickets, please tell us the name(s) of the other attendee(s), their email, and who is taking which time slot.

Hello. Welcome to Snow Fridge. You are here, at the beginning. Our purpose is to see you through your story. The one you will experience through this individual, improvised, immersive show that began right here, at your beginning. Your show will be unique, created for you alone. Hello. Welcome.

production team

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karlie blair

kkreator, kkast
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anne mcgrath

kkrew, producer
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keight leighn *

kkreator, kkast
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lawrence meyers *

story kkonsultant
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mikie beatty *

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katy foley

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kelly mcminn

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terence leclere *


* Fringe Veteran


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On July 18, 1989, the blooming Hollywood career of actress Rebecca Schaeffer was cut tragically short when she was murdered on her front step by an obsessed fan. You In Midair is her mother’s spellbinding, true story.


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