Dorothy & Alice: An Aerial Play

dance & physical theatre · aeriform artists · Ages 10+ · family friendly · 50 mins · United States of America

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Two seemingly ordinary young girls meet on the school playground at lunchtime and realize they’ve got more in common than meets the eye: some weirdly unbelievable experiences in lands beyond the imagination.

Follow Dorothy and Alice down a magical, mysterious memory lane as they share the hopes and dreams that guided their journeys home in this whimsical aerial adaptation of Itamar Moses’ one act. It’s a fanciful Fringe fantasy featuring the mischievous inhabitants of Oz & Wonderland and gravity-defying aerial artistry on silks, trapeze, lyra, hammock and more.

Starring Tamysen Malles & Monica Miklas. Featuring Nicole Beckerman, Rox Kousaka, Sheri Lee, Diana Nguyen, Jane Osborn, Chelsea Rousselot

Production Team: Lea Walker – Producer, Colleen Dunleap – Creative Director, Allelon Ruggiero -Technical Director

production team

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lea walker

U 98170 t 311198

allelon ruggiero

technical director
U 52912 t 1456706

colleen dunleap

creative director
U 319 t 9937877

monica miklas *


* Fringe Veteran

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