immersive theatre · 2cents theatre group · Ages 16+ · world premiere · 75 mins · United States of America

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This is the way the world ends.

Experience a time that could come to be if the state of the world continues in the direction it is now without change. UNREAL CITY is a fully immersive and interactive journey based on The Wasteland and other works of TS Eliot.

The Queen has announced a lottery and the thriving, protected Unreal City will be accepting new residents for the very first time! Even YOU have a chance to get out of this Wasteland, our world. Visit our government-approved, immigrant-friendly website and register today for your chance at CHANGE!

Let it be known once accepted into our lottery you will advised to arrive for your check-in time around 20 minutes early, to ensure thorough processing and sterilization, and to allow time for you to enjoy a cocktail before entry. LATE ENTRY WILL NOT BE POSSIBLE UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES.

You MUST opt in for email communication when you purchase your ticket IF you wish to receive correspondence from the Queen’s Hollow Men prior to your entrance to Unreal City! Such correspondence may include important information regarding your placement in Unreal City and check-in location for your arrival time.

IF you would like to receive emails and did not opt in, please message the HOLLOW MEN or email " hollowmen at unrealcitylottery dot com "

Your journey to the City will include audience interaction, intimate settings both interior and exterior, and frequent movement to different locations. This thought-provoking and challenging new experience includes explicit adult situations, including sexual content and violence. Consistent audience mobility required.

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production team

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kristen boulé *

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tiffany asta *

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allison sulock *

associate creator
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lyle friederichs *

hollow man
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amanda newman *

hollow man
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sarah schulte

hollow man
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eric geller *

hollow man
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stasha surdyke

the queen
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damon lira

government employee
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darcy silveira

government employee
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ajay roa

government employee
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petteri lassila

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jennifer ashe *

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libby letlow *

government employee
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kevin herrmann *

illegal resident
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carl weintraub

citizen of unreal city
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julia sanford

citizen of unreal city
U 98428 t 1887035

kelley mack

citizen of unreal city
U 48670 t 8154450

jessica j'aime *

citizen of unreal city
U 98430 t 385131

vivi thai

citizen of unreal city
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cyanne mcclairian *

citizen of unreal city
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stephanie crothers

citizen of unreal city
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mick donovan

government employee
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richard abraham

government employee
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fabrizio daniele

government employee
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bryan bertone *

citizen of unreal city
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jessica littlefield

citizen of unreal city
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isaac deakyne *

citizen of unreal city
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hollow men

the hollow men
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brandon beck *

citizen of unreal city
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jon tosetti *

U 63635 t 2026354

beth scorzato *

U 9320 t 2361255

david haverty *

moving picture production

* Fringe Veteran


A 3698 m 2463171

On July 18, 1989, the blooming Hollywood career of actress Rebecca Schaeffer was cut tragically short when she was murdered on her front step by an obsessed fan. You In Midair is her mother’s spellbinding, true story.


A 3959 m 1456889

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