anonymous · June 24, 2018
This show was so entertaining. Sarah is funny, creative and talented. Her delivery was excellent. Her passion and energy were amazing. Fabulous show!... full review

Baby Boy

anonymous · June 24, 2018
An excellent piece. Great acting, writing, and direction. Very moving, and incredibly funny. Just wow. ... full review

I Died Today

anonymous · June 24, 2018
I Died Today was beyond touching. Who couldn’t relate.it struck a perfect balance of humor, tragedy, and joy.... full review

Terra Is A Warm Gun

brian knudson · June 24, 2018
Terra rips the lid off her can of worms and delivers a gloriously Fringey show! She makes me think of a Stepford wife gone rogue, who ultimately self-destructs upon seeing the absurdity of her place in the world. I saw each short piece as a peek into how Terra processes and barfs up the world around her, through both song and spoken word.... full review

The Day I Became Black

cory jacob · June 24, 2018
10/10. ... full review

The Oz Monologues

lea walker · June 24, 2018
The personal and poetic behind the scenes story of OZ told from the perspective of its inhabitants. A colorful, trip down memory lane of a classically known story with a delightfully, hip, modern twist.... full review

Hercules Insane

starskee suave · June 24, 2018
A great experience on several levels. Actors, masks, costuming, sound design, combat, use of space.... full review


kiff scholl · June 24, 2018
What a quirky and amusing show! Musically creative, fast and furious direction, hysterical performances... Top of the Fringe... full review

Jane Austen's Emma Frankenstein

kiff scholl · June 24, 2018
This was a delightful show. Masterful comedic turns, smart, sharp dialogue, and funny as hell. Top of the Fringe.... full review

Wrestling with Tomorrow & Santa's Secret: Two One-Act Plays

matthew domenico · June 24, 2018
"Black Mirror" meets "Mannequin" with a sprinkle of Santa Clause... It was amazing!... full review

Mulatto Math: Summing Up The Race Equation In America

anonymous · June 24, 2018
Fabulous, honest, entertaining... full review

Sam Shaber: Life, Death & Duran Duran

lea walker · June 24, 2018
Touching story of love, life and death artfully woven with Sam’s lovely voice both literally and figuratively.... full review

It's Easier To Love A Cat

anonymous · June 24, 2018
heartfelt, brave & a must for animal lovers ... full review


lea walker · June 24, 2018
Warm, sometimes scary, sometimes harsh moving story of two people that have more in common than they thought.... full review

The Other Side of the Razor Ribbon

anonymous · June 24, 2018
Terrific show. A great story - told with humor, candor.. inspiring. A tour-de-force about resilience.... full review

Expectations High

matthew domenico · June 24, 2018
A genuine and authentic portrayal of the high school experience, told by a group of extremely talented high school students. ... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

anonymous · June 24, 2018
brave and entertaining... full review


hans gelpke · June 24, 2018
If anybody asks, I wasn't here. ... full review


anonymous · June 24, 2018
A really interesting and intense story with a lot of great acting going on.... full review

Meanwhile, Back at the Super Lair

david kavin · June 24, 2018
A real world take on neurotic superherodom.... full review

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