Katy and Jennifer

anonymous · June 11, 2018
A raw and moving play on grieving and friendship.... full review

Drunk Bible Stories

royce shockley · June 11, 2018
I LOVED THIS SHOW!!! It was so funny and silly given the concept. You could tell these ladies really studied the material beforehand and it was evident in the storytelling. This is such a unique concept and was a delight to watch.... full review

Lucinda and the Wolves

melinda grace · June 11, 2018
A brave re-telling of a woman's journey thru abuse.... full review

Les Deux You Remember This: The Musical

royce shockley · June 11, 2018
This show was very fun and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute. The acting, singing, and choreographed dances were great. It was a cool concept for a show and each of the ladies on stage (and Perez) sold their performances well. Britney had me laughing the entire time with the very good impression of her.... full review

The Women of Lockerbie by Deborah Brevoort

darren mangler · June 11, 2018
A cast of pure talent is rare at the HFF! This cast has it!... full review


caroline henry · June 11, 2018
So so lovely! I thought the writing was very balanced; the charming and comedic moments brought light even in its darkest scenes. It was an insightful and heartfelt glimpse into the day to day in the fight against cancer and how the realities of the disease are much farther reaching in effects. A beautiful story of strength and friendship. ... full review

The First And The Last

anonymous · June 11, 2018
This was a really enjoyable show!! I was very engaged by the story and the performances of the actors! ... full review

Psychodelicate's Magical Mystery Comedy Show

tinks lovelace · June 11, 2018
This show is completely crazy and yet oddly helped me out on my journey continuing towards inner-peace. ... full review

Doctor Zomba's Ghost Show of Terror

kyle billings · June 11, 2018
We wanted to like it, but badly performed magic and a lack of charisma left us disappointed. ... full review

Yellow Wallpaper

anonymous · June 11, 2018
Super Creative, Fresh.... full review

Don Waterski Goes Up Nort'

anonymous · June 11, 2018
Genuinely entertaining and surprising from start to finish.... full review

A Beast/A Burden

benjamin schwartz · June 11, 2018
So far my favorite show at the fringe this year. This is a story that is actually worth a damn to create and present. Not only because of the themes. But because a show like this helps secure an artist like Chris Burden into history. Helps him live on far beyond his life. Ben Hethcoat's portrayal of Burden was just so captivating. There's subtlety and madness surrounding his choices--which never go over the top. This is a very controlled performance. As an artist, I really connected, wh... full review

Earth & Fire Walking (Tierra Y Fuego Que Camina)

chairman barnes · June 11, 2018
Wonderfully skilled dancers at the top of their game in a fiery multi-media showcase.... full review

Maron Doll - the emotional reunion of a mother and daughter

anonymous · June 11, 2018
Very poignant story written/directed by Soo Chun. Acting from the cast members was truthful and heartbreaking. I was moved by their brilliant act. I was in tears through out the show. I highly recommend that you check this play out before it ends.... full review


drew petriello · June 11, 2018
This show was a lot of fun. The commentary was clever without being overwhelming and the cast were all stellar comedic actors.... full review

Katy and Jennifer

jacob smith · June 11, 2018
Really beautiful work by everyone involved. Donna Simone Johnson had me tearing up before the show even began. Donna is a powerhouse. Liesel Kopp is a powerhouse. These two together were dynamic. The play felt like it was 10 minutes long because of their immense talents, and the sharp, poignant direction of Reena Dutt. Don't miss this show, it's heartbreaking and wonderful.... full review


chachi senior · June 11, 2018
Man is Wolf is an extraordinarily crafted play. I highly recommend that theater fans go and check it out while they can. Like a Jim Harrison novel or a Sam Shepard play, the writing is truly exceptional and invites us to watch as the roles of predator and prey reveal themselves in an unpredictable fashion as we fall deeper into the dark side of human nature. Not only does the play explore lust and reveal its own characters expectations, it also succeeds in toying with the audiences societ... full review

Fuchou with Bourbon

teresa bookwalter · June 11, 2018
Fuchou with Bourbon focuses on a fractious father-child relationship in a contemporary mixed race family. Daughter Rose seeks revenge on her father for his betrayal of her mother. Rose cannot find peace after her loving mother's death. (Hints of Hamlet?) Fuchou also effectively explores a strong sister relationship that enhances and adds tension to a finely written piece.... full review


drew petriello · June 11, 2018
A fascinating character drama about politics - not necessarily the issues, but about the system itself and what people will do for power. Very moving, I was engaged the whole time and felt so, so bad for poor Colt,... full review

The Book That I'm Going to Write, By Judy Garland

catherine wadkins · June 11, 2018
This show is the real thing. Honest, funny, moving. The things I always cross my fingers for when I go to the theater. It’s also a truly unique and original experience. This actor has meticulously translated some recordings of Judy Garland, not singing or performing, but unpacking her most private thoughts with a reel-to-reel recorder and a bottle of vodka. But let me tell you, it’s no shtick. It feels like this actor has drilled down into it, with compassion and breathtaking commitment. What he... full review


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On July 18, 1989, the blooming Hollywood career of actress Rebecca Schaeffer was cut tragically short when she was murdered on her front step by an obsessed fan. You In Midair is her mother’s spellbinding, true story.

Rent this Space

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