anonymous · August 01, 2017
The show was overall a great hit. While being playful and comedic, Paul does an excellent job hitting true social obstacles Asian Americans face in America. Not specifically to Asian Americans who aspire to be actors but all Asian Americans can relate to these social discriminations. His witty humor and charisma reveals the discrimination of Asian Americans today using examples from current films and actors. Paul Yen is bold to present these hard hitting issues to his audience and I commend him f... full review

Orlando Bishop: Unstuck As F*ck

lee vee · July 31, 2017
An extremely compelling and thought-provoking piece! Orlando wove seamlessly between humour and pain, allthewhile keeping his audience engaged. His superior storytelling abilities make me want to see this one man show again and again!... full review


saonam le · July 30, 2017
Relying upon pop-culture icons and personal anecdotes, Paul provides commentary regarding how Asian Americans currently fit within Hollywood paradigm. The stand-out topics of discussion? The white-washing of roles within films, the lacking representation of a strong asian leads, and the limited number of asian archetypes. ... full review

Encore Winner I Do, Do You?

gabrielle gold · July 29, 2017
real impressed great directing once again form Chuck Marra Megan FOley and the Lake reeprtory Theater Group. . The cast was well cast and they were all real believable and very creative writing and directing, Unique , good timing and real good acting, It flowed well land was entertaining. gigi gold actor... full review

Narcissus & Echo

pamela clay · July 28, 2017
What a phenomenal show! Expertly written, directed, acted, sung, choreographed & produced! Wonderful ensemble & solo standouts & important message delivered with heart and wisdom! Will stay with me for a long time to come - mindblowing & deeply moving! ... full review


chasen sugimoto · July 27, 2017
Paul’s show is combination of personal and cultural experiences that brings the struggles of Asian-Americans to light. His presentation is unique, compelling, humorous and incredibly imaginative. Paul’s research shines through his use and knowledge of Asian American history through creative use of iconic superheroes, exposing how the perception of this group has been reduced to stereotypes in the entertainment industry. This show was an eye opening experience that I hope will create the opportuni... full review


anonymous · July 25, 2017
I really enjoyed the show. Paul Yen did an excellent job of illustrating the issues regarding portrayal of Asian men in popular media interweaving his own life experiences, and iconic superhero mythology.... full review


russell eaton · July 25, 2017
Relying heavily on the sincere awkwardness between two strangers facing the same dilemma, this show will win you over as each character reveals just how vulnerable they are - even if admitting that could be a huge risk. Heartfelt performances make the show worth seeing.... full review


tara tomicevic · July 25, 2017
Paul succeeded in weaving significant social commentary with familiar superhero narratives in a compelling and entertaining way. His poise, passion and articulation helped frame a fun, fast-paced and yet timely and poignant message that everyone in and out of Hollywood would benefit from. His simple staging give way to the depth of his message, which is well-supported via modern references, personal/historical visuals and a strong performance all around. As an immigrant, I found his experiences r... full review

A Steady Rain

emily kincaid · July 24, 2017
Absolutely incredible acting by both leading men! The show is so well done and left a lasting impression on me. it's been a long time since I've seen this great of a play. Flawless!... full review


nhu y huynh · July 24, 2017
It was a magnificent play. Paul Yen is captivating in this one man play and switches to and from characters flawlessly. The passion in which he performs each character is mesmerizing. He brings to light stereotypes and issues that are present in the film industry. However, it is so cleverly written that it appeals to the masses and viewers can easily relate to the characters. The viewer is taken through a plethora of emotions as the young man matures. There were laugh out loud moments and his abi... full review


ben belack · July 24, 2017
What a fantastic show! ... full review


nancy murphy · July 23, 2017
Very bold, wise and hilarious! Ava is extremely talented and smart. So glad i got to see this unique production.... full review

The Amitycode

anonymous · July 23, 2017
Funny, interesting, and thought-provoking! Very entertaining! Good acting! The lead actors were great, and Morgan Matthews was a convincing robot. Highly recommend!... full review


anonymous · July 23, 2017
This was phenomenal work; Yen brought memories and thoughts I've had as an Asian American living in America that I have reserved since I was 5 years old. I remember ignoring certain things society would say about asians because it wasn't the norm for an Asian fellow to speak out so loudly. We were a quiet minority. But I can say, if I saw this show 10-15 years ago, I think I would have been more honest about my approach about everything. And don't get me wrong, this isn't just FOR ASIANS. Everyon... full review


cory sullivan · July 22, 2017
Riveting, funny, emotional, and sensational. Paul has always been emotion driven and charismatic guy and it simply shines in his performance on stage, in his element. He brings up big picture, real world internal struggles that he has overcome in our society in way that is understandable, comedic, and simply real. The best way to put this in words is that he makes you feel something.... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

anthony foley · July 21, 2017
Thank God I had a minute! Located on theatre row in the small but cozy New Collective theatre, the Lake Arrowhead Repertory Theatre Company or simply LARTC was the recipient of several Hollywood Fringe Festival encore performance selections. If any of their other shows tug at ones emotions like this play; “Got a minute?” then LARTC has done something magical with their actors and the stories they wish tell. Incredibly detailed and almost intrusively private, “Got a minute” takes 14 actor’s pe... full review

Narcissus & Echo

anonymous · July 21, 2017
Very good musically, enjoyed the acting. The cast was a good diverse group. Ecco was VERY good with her echoes and with her expressions, etc. The corporate "marketing" speak was superb. ... full review

Nights at the Algonquin Round Table

jason stebbings · July 19, 2017
Paa-shaw... I hath lended an ear and at least 1 eye, say I...Aye yes! This wit-laden curio twill be a feast for all 4 of thine senses, nay...Say 5. A rare delicious exercise weaving wicked wit with fearless frivolity. Aye...I say GO you must. Go and peer in, again to this wit-whittled world, but beware! For you might find it peering back curiously, with another eye, Nay...say 2 at you, at YOU!... full review


anonymous · July 19, 2017
COMPLETELY CAPTIVATED! Dufflyn's show is very touching, funny and very visceral – I was so invested. Her personal journey is performed beautifully; I wanted more! Truly entertaining and eye-opening. ... full review

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