Asshole: A Tragedy

brendan weinhold · June 24, 2018
Sincerely ridiculous and ridiculously sincere. A lot of fun from beginning to end, and really hangs together well.... full review

Asshole: A Tragedy

anonymous · June 24, 2018
I knew what was going on when I bought my tickets but I was not a fan of what I saw.... full review

Yellow Wallpaper

anonymous · June 24, 2018
I really like stories of people losing their grip on reality and this was definitely in that vein.... full review

All American Sex Addict/Woke AF!

anonymous · June 24, 2018
I thought it was good for it being so short and the good thing is that it makes you think. I didn’t find the play offensive or anything but I agree with being “politically correct” and maybe if given more time it can expand upon what should we be doing instead of being too worried about being tone dead. ... full review

Lights Out in the Hermit’s Cave!

david kavin · June 24, 2018
An enjoyable throwback to the radio dramas our grandparents would have listened to, when their imaginations were a necessary part of the equation.... full review

Vixen DeVille ReVealed

sarah mann · June 24, 2018
Vixen DeVille puts on a wonderfully fun show that moves you as you follow her triumphs and struggles on her path as a burlesque magician.... full review


eric billitzer · June 24, 2018
Among the Best of the Fringe ! Outstanding writing, performances, direction, and casting burn on all 12 cylinders ! It's all the plot twists of Chekov as performed by the Kardashians in this Broadway-level show !... full review

Doctor Nympho VS. The Sex Zombies

john siscel · June 24, 2018
I’m just going to stay at; this is the best show of the 2018 Hollywood Fringe Festival. I would Say it might be the best show in the history of the Fringe, or at the very least in the top 10. It’s absolutely amazing in every way. They really go for it. I can’t say enough good things about it. ... full review


sarah mann · June 24, 2018
A beautiful and intense play about sexual assault. ... full review

Cthulhu: the Musical!

anonymous · June 24, 2018
I'm sorry. I really, really am. But this was just bad. Not bad in a fun way, not enjoyable bad, just... bad. At least, the first half was. We walked out during intermission. The scenes went on too long. The songs went on too long. The jokes didn't work... there was halfhearted applause and occasional chuckles from the audience, but it was pretty quiet overall. I apologize, I know it was hard work, but this felt like a first draft that was being workshopped and needed another six months o... full review


melody fernandez · June 24, 2018
It was great. Funny, well acted and well sung! And I loved the band.... full review

Baby Boy

melissa galvin · June 24, 2018
I loved everything about this show. It was witty, intelligent, emotional, and there wasn’t one second where I wasn’t entertained. One man shows sometimes get a bad rap, but this one was amazing. ... full review

Lights Out in the Hermit’s Cave!

julia newton · June 24, 2018
Don't let the funny bits fool you, this is an absolutely spooky piece of theater. So well done, so spine-tingling -- for real! Ghost stories in the dark, live foley, perfect acting, and spot-on directing -- what a great night of theater. And prizes! This was just an all-around wonderful show. Bravo, Angela Acuna & crew!... full review

Death and Coffee

daniel minuchin · June 23, 2018
This is the first time I have gone to a play where the audience was just me. The play is a conversation about the performers relationship with her grandfather, and about his death, and about the way we assume other people are judging us. It takes place in an apartment over a cup of coffee ( or tea). Though it is actually quite short. It doesn't feel it. It feels rich and involving.... full review

Sex and the Musical

jonny perl · June 23, 2018
Recommended! This cast has some of the best talent in town, and the music and "getting the band together" story make for an all-around great night. ... full review


anonymous · June 23, 2018
Great abs!... full review

It's Easier To Love A Cat

katheryne win · June 23, 2018
Cindy was unapologetically honest in telling her story intertwined with her personal trials and tribulations in life. She took the audience through her happiness and sorrow on a personal level. ... full review

Hercules Insane

ryan wicks · June 23, 2018
At certain points I felt like I was watching Charlton Heston time travel to another galaxy. The choreography was perfect; the performances were startling. You should definitely check this out!... full review

Escalation D: A Love Story

bret shefter · June 23, 2018
Yeah, "amazing" is a good word for it. The four-player ensemble presents numerous vignettes taking us through the lives of two best friends: Lisa, the successful attorney being perennially hit on at the bar, and Kat, in a long-term relationship with a guy who doesn't even realize when he's being a jerk. The acting is flawless; the fact that the stories are almost all based on events these people have actually experienced should horrify everyone. Women already know these sorts of thing happen a... full review


anonymous · June 23, 2018
Heartbreaking, honest, close to the chest portrayal of love, modern blended families and persistence of love.... full review

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