lena tumasyan · July 16, 2018
First of all, the title "Wolf" is a little misleading because it's not so much about werwolf, but more about predator VS prey. But anywho... the actors did an amazing job. I really believed that the older man was strange, almost dangerous, and I believed the young guy was a high school jock. But the story left lots of ambiguity... is the older gentleman a child molester? Was he molested himself? Where there homoerotic fantastic with either character that were potentially carried out? was somethin... full review

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

lena tumasyan · July 16, 2018
Fantastic show. The 2 actors did a great job seamlessly transitioning from character to character. The sets were small, but smart, and the music was right on point. Impressive accents! Great portrayal of the characters and the classic story!!... full review

Death of a Mailman

daniel mustafa · July 16, 2018
Captivating and engaging, wonderful acting and writing.... full review

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

nathaniel beaver · July 16, 2018
Funny, entertaining, & well written! I am so glad that this show had an encore, because it slipped past my radar during the busy month of Fringe. It was amazing! I did not know what to expect going in. It was so creative! The lighting, sets, characters, props, physicality, music... all of it! ... full review

The Rental

karen glienke · July 16, 2018
Thanks to stellar writing, direction and strong performances, I found myself transfixed by the dynamic between these two characters and the smart and surprising shifts of perspective and interplay between role-playing and biting self-revelation. Writer Ben Ubiñas is not content with merely entertaining, but cleverly sets the audience up to challenge any assumptions they may have dared to make. One of the most thought-provoking hours on the stage I've seen in ages. I highly recommend this show. ... full review

…meantime at HoJo's

matt ritchey · July 16, 2018
Jesus. I mean.... look, I'd seen King Dick a few years back and I of course heard the name "Christian Levatino" bandied about in dark back rooms and whispered in men's room stalls at Awards ceremonies, but this was next level. Was it that the characters, dialogue, and acting was so believable, that the use of light and music was subtle genius, or that the eight men onstage used the words as a greasy surfboard to ride a potent dark wave of 70's paranoia? Probably all of it. Regardless, call me a n... full review

The Universe (101)

anonymous · July 15, 2018
We live in a pretty cynical society sometimes, so it's truly charming to experience something that leans so earnestly into silly As a child of Python & Douglas Adams I certainly appreciated the show Great stuff guys, thanks so much & all the best with future work ;-)... full review

One Last Thing Before You Go

anonymous · July 14, 2018
A swift and effective immersion into the underworld and back. ... full review

The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull

andrea bennett · July 14, 2018
The Terrible Legend of Victoria Woodhull is a captivating one woman show that was excellently written and directed. It was an inspiring piece of theater that reminds women of how far we have come in our struggle for women's rights and how far we still have to go. It was amazing how there were still so many parallels in the 1800's to today's political climate. Ashley moved effortlessly from character to character as she carried us on a journey of a woman who was rather unknown. Ashley's outsta... full review


anonymous · July 13, 2018
Really loved this one!... full review

A Beast/A Burden

anonymous · July 13, 2018
Excellent casting since the lead actor is just as abusive to women in real life as the actual Chris Burden was. ... full review

Nakedheart: Rebel with a Voice

john wheaton · July 12, 2018
A very unique take on a rags to riches story and impressive direction from Armen Pogosyan with some inspired performances from the young cast. Also liked the band playing during scene changes added a nice atmospheric touch. Thumbs up!... full review

Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph

melanie kareem papish · July 12, 2018
This Tale was incredibly polished and compelling throughout. As Kamakshi took me on the tour of her life's traumas and triumphs, at every moment I felt I was in capable, thoughtful & well rehearsed "hands," for which I was grateful because the subject matter is intense. Shining a very bright light on all the types of trauma she suffered, I walked out a more compassionate person. Kamakshi has an incredibly gifted and well trained singing voice. She has my FAVORITE kind of singing voice. So that ... full review

Pain In My Asperger's

shelly wilner · July 12, 2018
"Pain in My Asperger's" gives a generous glimpse into the experience of living with Asperger's, and reminds audiences of how understanding neurodiversity is vital to the evolution of human consciousness. Jeremy Ebenstein's honesty and vulnerability, delivered with authenticity, humor and music, was wonderful and heartwarming. Huge acknowledgement for his courage and beautiful zest for life. ... full review

It's Just My Life

shelly wilner · July 12, 2018
I was touched not only by the stories each woman told, but also by Kathleen Rubin's concept that we all have a story to tell that can inspire other human beings. "It's Just My Life" gives life to this notion, opening windows for the audience to briefly live other people's realities, feel their emotions, and awaken to the oneness of humanity. The eight women on stage created a tapestry of stories, with underlying themes of connection and love. I was deeply moved, and wondered about the stories of ... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

katt balsan · July 12, 2018
Bravo, bravo, bravo!!! What an incredible performance with a very smart content and wake up call to homelessness. Kathryn's story is moving, beautifully told with extreme precision in all her characters. It's a brilliant "performance", Kathryn is so talented and fantastic at what she does! ... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

lucky mor · July 12, 2018
The best production I've seen in Fringe 2018. Funny, thoughtful, and encouraging. Inspirational work that has a hopeful heart.... full review


anonymous · July 11, 2018
"The High Captain" is a true satire. I feel like American Culture has been bereft of good satire- mostly because it is often misinterpreted as cutting too close to the bone. This play really reveals, both allegorically and literally, the kind of drug-induced Dante's Inferno that has become American contemporary politics. It'll disturb you; make you squirm at times in your seat; but it will amuse you; entertain you; and, at the very least, vindicate you. Jude Evans gives a tour de force performanc... full review

Confessions of a Hopeful Southerner... In Front of Strangers

sonia curtis · July 11, 2018
Very impressive one woman show, heartfelt, honest and vulnerable performance by a truly hard working actress... full review

Sam Shaber: Life, Death & Duran Duran

suzanne taylor · July 11, 2018
This girl is the real deal.... full review

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