Ladies in Waiting: The Judgement of Henry VIII

sarah rodes · July 19, 2017
So sorry for the delayed review. I saw this play about a month ago, but some thoughts were still coming to me so I thought I'd put them out there. ... full review

The Spidey Project

blake miller · July 19, 2017
This is my favorite interpretation of Spider-Man. From now on, any mention of Spider-Man will remind me of this play.... full review

Trump in Space- The Musical

trevor tevel · July 19, 2017
This is a show that could run for a while. I imagine they have to write new bits before every performance due to all the weekly drama from the Trump Administration. Definitely a show to see for a hearty laugh. ... full review


bobby pataki · July 18, 2017
It was very honest and raw and incredibly creative on all levels.... full review

Too Many Hitlers or: The Decoy Decameron

jen vally · July 18, 2017
Great writing with a funny cast. ... full review


hideki fukusumi · July 18, 2017
An incredibly well thought-out play, Paul combines the historical tragedies against Asian Americans with the tragedies that each of these superheroes faced. The way these two experiences are fused together with each superhero make them more complex in a way that really had me connecting with the characters on a different level. There were some Dave Chappelle-esque moments where people were laughing a little too hard at jokes that were meant to make people uncomfortable, but I think that speaks... full review

Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

david scheiner · July 17, 2017
Loved this show. I was smiling from start to finish, every line was clevery thought out. ... full review


maribel garavito · July 17, 2017
The show was engaging and Andrew's performance was one of the best characterizations I have seen. He nailed Klaus Kinski accent, spirit and soul. ... full review

Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

jane sobo · July 17, 2017
Whether you're familiar with the seemingly eccentric King Solomon, or know nothing about him whatsoever, Marcus Freed's "Solomon..." both informs, asks questions, and entertains. The script is based on both historical & post-biblical records, plus Freed and his writing partners' suppositions to historical-record intelligence-gaps.... full review

The Rise and Fall of Dracula

anonymous · July 16, 2017
Loved this show!! I was totally surprised by the roaming theater way of telling this story, but I think it will very well into the space and I enjoyed that very much. The theater space was pretty perfect. I liked the actors, the clothing, the way they told the story. I liked the TWIST on the classic story, won't say what it is because I don't want to create spoilers. The cast did a great job. The music was great. overall enjoyed it very much! Was also surprised by how PHYSICAL the show was. Didn... full review

This Our Now

justin suttles · July 14, 2017
Olivia Cordell's 'This Our Now' is a delicious little allegory for the lies we tell ourselves, and how those lies effect the ones we love. I can't remember a better juxtaposition of such pervasive human themes with such a contemporary, playful sensibility. Often times, theatrical musings on these topics feel cryptic or inaccessible, but This Our Now is dripping with immediacy and intention - with dialogue paced at such a furious clip, you don't even have time to reflect. You're simply right with ... full review

Human Hothouse: The Aftershow

steven vlasak · July 14, 2017
A trenchant, consistently hilarious, and insightful critique of pop culture and show biz, with top shelf performances across the board, which somehow, concurrently manages to remain human and humane. A fantastic job from all involved! So glad I got to see it. ... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

evan carver · July 12, 2017
Got a Minute is truly beautiful. It's incredibly honest and real and it touched me to the very fiber of my being. I laughed. I cried. I related. And I am so very appreciative to have had the chance to hear these moving stories. They were woven together masterfully and delivered so beautifully. I couldn't help but be invested in each and every one of them. It's very courageous to get on stage and bare your soul. Thanks for sharing! ... full review


anonymous · July 12, 2017
I thought it was funny, original, thought provoking and honest. Really enjoyed Paul's performance and the way he incorporated all the superhero stories. ... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

patty sherman · July 12, 2017
I felt as if I were witnessing something private. The way the thoughts, experiences of the cast were intertwined with one another was like listening to music. I kept watching and listening not sure what would be the outcome. Kept me wondering till the end and then afterwards.... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

anonymous · July 12, 2017
Very genuine, lots of truth, solid voices that represent a part of everyone.... full review


julie pham · July 11, 2017
Clever storytelling, well thought out. Great representation of the underrepresented in Hollywood. A must see one-man show led by the one and only superhero himself, Paul Yen. ... full review


emma pek · July 11, 2017
Fantastic performance on a beautifully written show. It's a much needed comment to the current condition of the film industry. Not only that, the show gave me an insight of actual Asian American heroes that have been a big part of the history, but no one knows about. Paul is the new voice that the Asian American community need in Hollywood.... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

ricardo ramos · July 11, 2017
It was a beautiful and unique production. It was poetry in motion unlike anything I've seen before. Each cast member had a story to tell and it wasn't any story it was their own. A wonderful work of non-fiction assembled together to create a whole play with very heartfelt stories. ... full review

Got A Minute? (The Spoken Opera of Life)

suzanne cotsakos · July 11, 2017
It takes a lot of courage to get on stage. It takes even more courage to tell a story about yourself that's true. ... full review

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