Live from The Hobgoblin, it’s Hank!

bret shefter · June 23, 2018
A solid cast presents four very different short comedies, some sweet, some silly, but all well-written and equally well-performed. Very funny, with characters ranging from the heart-breakingly real to the downright absurd.... full review

A Life Behind Bars

jane petrov · June 23, 2018
This show is a must see. I laughed. I cried. If you are looking for entertainment and great story, this is for you.... full review


bret shefter · June 23, 2018
A very interesting concept for a story, featuring charming characters well executed by the talented cast.... full review


dan ruth · June 23, 2018
Katt has tons of energy and tons of fun poking fun at the foibles of self-judgement. Very universal show!... full review

Live from The Hobgoblin, it’s Hank!

stephanie wilson · June 23, 2018
What a wonderful cast and a cozy theatre. Hollywood has so many hidden secrets and outstanding and talented artists. Very enjoyable performances. ... full review

Death of a Mailman

anonymous · June 23, 2018
We thoroughly enjoyed watching Death of a Mailman! ... full review

The Women of Lockerbie by Deborah Brevoort

bret shefter · June 23, 2018
A generally good script, with some room for improvement, finely acted and directed. A careful and respectful treatment of an international tragedy, with a good message clearly presented, if a tad melodramatic at times.... full review

Don Waterski Goes Up Nort'

dash nye · June 23, 2018
Brilliant, imaginative, silly & fun. The likability of Don quickly put me at ease and whisked the audience off to a serene and danger-filled forest for thrills, romance and bingo stuff. ... full review

The Actor's Nightmare

anonymous · June 23, 2018
A crazy, fun ride through a recurring dreamscape for many performers- finding yourself on an unfamiliar stage with unknown actors and having to give a performance for which the best you can do - is guess! The ensemble worked together seamlessly/ each chacterization was strong and memorable- and really funny . Pacing was solid and the show moved along with good energy! We very much enjoyed this outstanding production that paid attention to all the details that make for highly entertaining the... full review

Unapologetically Black

katy hickman · June 23, 2018
An absolutely fantastic writer and performer, Misty Monroe Clark brings it all together in this smart, funny, bighearted tale of growing up, embracing all that comes her way, leaving apologies behind, and committing to being her full self. Anyone can relate to this full and entertaining journey packed in under an hour. Do not miss a chance to see this show. "I like someone who has the courage just to tell the damn story." - My husband enthusing in the car on the way home.... full review


carlos chavez · June 23, 2018
Such an important show to see at this year’s fringe. Watching it was a complete pleasure. Do yourself a favor and get the ticket.... full review

Goodbye Charles

amanda michelle foschia · June 23, 2018
Funny, different, a must see! ... full review

Unapologetically Black

tony cavalero · June 23, 2018
Misty bares it all in this incredible life journey in just 50 minutes. Her tale is inspiring, heart breaking, and hilarious. This is a must see for everyone. Misty’s tears and laughter are as real as it gets. Love her!... full review

American Conspiracy

james schneider · June 23, 2018
Clever, engaging meditation on American values spiced with non-partisan corruption. ... full review

Baby Boy

jessica valenzuela · June 23, 2018
Incredible. This was so much more than a one-man-show. Adrian shared the stage with character after believable character! Perfectly orchestrated. ... full review

The Dangerous Cures of Dr. B

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Thought provoking and scary to know that this story was true... full review

"Monday Morning" and "Cheese & Things"

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Less like plays and more like ideological debates, both were engaging enough to stay attentive, but left me craving more high stakes drama.... full review

The Dangerous Cures of Dr. B

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Amazing!! Such a captivating show. Please go see this if you get a chance! Lead actress Mari Assad was exceptional. Best ensemble cast I’ve seen this year.... full review

Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph

wendy haines · June 23, 2018
This was an incredible show. Kamachi is an amazing actress embodying the numerous characters with compelling believability. She makes very difficult subject matter with moving, accessible humanity. She left us challenged, educated, impacted, entertained and inspired. ... full review

Anxiety Written

anonymous · June 23, 2018
A beautiful performance of an engaging original story. Best show I've seen at the Fringe!... full review


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