El Ultimo Coconut

hardy patel · July 11, 2018
Great Show! Definitely Recommend!!... full review

Cat Cam Catharsis

harker jones · July 09, 2018
I thought it was fun and breezy and the actors were all solid.... full review


anonymous · July 09, 2018
This was, without question, the worst show I've seen in almost a decade. It was long and managed to be both convoluted in structure and Painfully obvious in it's preaching intent. The metaphors and allegories were central to the play instead of a plot (of which there was slim to none). Most of the audience was getting absurdly drunk before the performance and even that didn't prevent several from walking out halfway though (I was so envious of them). While the producers and director did their bes... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

antoine williams · July 09, 2018
Just WOW! her passion for raising awareness on homelessness, mental health, LGBT, etc is so evident in her performance. ... full review

Baba, Jee (Father, Yes)

benjamin xiao · July 09, 2018
I have to say I was completely blown away by Baba, Jee. It is an extremely well-paced, intensely written, heartwarming tale of a father and daughter struggling to reconnect after years of being apart and through layers of unresolved issues. Baba, Jee portrays the classic immigrant generation gap in a very realistic, grounded way that is very rare to see in plays and movies. Whereas most other similar fare would concoct loud arguments and increasingly absurd situations to highlight the cultural... full review


isabella petrini · July 09, 2018
What a FAB fusion of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" meets "Keeping Up With the Kardashians." I was thoroughly impressed by the clever, timely parallels as well as supreme performances from the entire cast. This is a very strong production, especially for Fringe. I really hope it continues on after this run because it deserves a bigger audience. But do catch it while you can!... full review

Birdie & The Fresnels

susan wilder · July 09, 2018
What a delightfully oddball and thoroughly enjoyable piece. Original Kurt Weill-esque art songs filled with wit, vulnerability and innocent debauchery. Amanda Bierbauer’s bemused cohorts don’t seem to take their juicy dominatrix all that seriously, which makes it all the funnier and somehow even sweeter.... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

d'ondrae landers · July 09, 2018
The story line was a perfect and well-balanced mix of empathy and humor. Homelessness and the under served has always been a passion project for Katt and it really shows in her work. The transitions between the multiple characters were flawless and engaging. The attention to detail for each was only matched by her ability to convey the message in their stories.... full review


peter chesney · July 08, 2018
This show proved timely for me, seeing as I just volunteered as historical consultant for a staging of Three Sisters, the Chekhov play (as translated into English), in North Hollywood last summer. With all due respect to Archway's actors and director who stayed true to the original, its themes, and its aesthetic, I left the adaptation with more food for thought. The coincidence of this same configuration, 3 sisters:1 brother, begs for parody. Why not relentlessly mock the Kardashians as a thro... full review

Psychodelicate's Magical Mystery Comedy Show

constance jaquay strickland · July 08, 2018
I loved the message of the show. I loved the focus of us being interconnected, the healing message I felt and reminding us that we are better together than divided. There was so much love being given out and the performer's heart stayed open and full. I want them to have the chance at another Encore show. ... full review


constance jaquay strickland · July 08, 2018
Star has this ability to bring you into her entire world with a vulnerability that is not so easy for one to allow the self to reveal. Her eyes tell a lifetime of stories and you can see her truly see her behind them during the show. I was captivated by her honesty, her naturalness onstage. I can’t wait to see Star in more plays as she is the kind of actress we need in the theatre!... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

thea-marie perkins · July 08, 2018
Kathryn Taylor Smiths' compassionate view of homelessness will touch the heart of all. Based on real life events of love and loss in America she unfolds issues of real people down on their luck, mentally ill, and heart broken; yet fighting to stay alive. Smith combines historical events told through the images of shoes and who wore them; amazed at their life or the life they use to have. ... full review

The Rental

anonymous · July 08, 2018
What a thought provoking story superbly told by two great actors. I was thoroughly captivated by the ebb and flow of the plot, and the two contradicting lifestyles each of the characters led. It greatly explored the stereotypes of sexual encounters and consent/respect within that realm. It had just the right amount of balance of funny and drama. I would definitely see it again!... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

shoni robison · July 08, 2018
Such a riveting piece of work!! Forces you to think about the type of human being you are and inspires you to be more compassionate. Kathryn put on an outstanding performance in this one woman show. She gave us levels and characters that were a pleasure to watch. She is a real talent!! I truly enjoyed my night at the theater!... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

anonymous · July 08, 2018
Kathryn has the power and versatility to keep you captivated throughout her very moving show. She inhabited the characters so much that she was barely recognizable. Her depth and emotion made you empathize with them to their core. I’ve been inspired and my heart is better for having seen this show. Highly recommended. ... full review

Rayn: An Electronic Burlesque Experience

shari barrett · July 08, 2018
Rayn pulls each audience member into her realm where anything is possible and there is no wrong way to be, especially when it comes to your sexuality. And she can really SING. We were totally captivated by her presence and although her total nudity was a bit of a surprise, after awhile the shock wore off and who she is as a free spirit is really what you saw.... full review

Men of Blood

miroslav vejnovic · July 07, 2018
Men of blood was a breathe of fresh air - it was good to see some European theatre and European acting at the Fringe Festival. The story of two men drowning in their co-dependent, disfunctional relationship, leeching on eachother's flauds and eating eachother alive psychologically - all in silk gloves but bruthal as it gets. Both actors impersonated this relationship with a twist of cocky German punk flair adding up to portrait a true rock star among painters and his lover who ended up commiting ... full review

Vixen DeVille ReVealed

monique lebleu · July 07, 2018
Although Vixen DeVille aka Cat LaCohie is sexy, warm, welcoming, energetic and embarrassingly gifted in a wide variety of talents, she is also self-deprecating, tough-as-nails, and incredibly funny. Winner of the 2018 Best International, Soaring Solo Artist and Encore Awards, as well as Nominated for Best of Cabaret & Variety, at the Hollywood Fringe Festival, LaCohie's show "Vixen DeVille Revealed" is first and foremost definitely an adult show. But it's also immensely entertaining, comical, ... full review

The Rental

michael k · July 07, 2018
Found a flyer for this exclusive run. Best $10 I have ever spent. I loved walking into the theatre space and seeing Elise, played by Ali Astin, on stage prepping for the show. I felt as if I was a fly on her wall watching. Once the play began, I truly enjoyed the comedy and connection between Elise and Keith, played by Jake Corvino. Ali Astin’s acting really made me appreciate the complexity of a modern sexual encounter. Jakes nervousness and determination portrayed what any 21-year-old virgin w... full review

We Are Traffic

adrian eli · July 07, 2018
Fantastic storytelling! Very engaging, hilarious and heartfelt.... full review

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