The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Highly recommend. Strong writing, directing, staging, design and performances. All departments telling the story. Every moment connected to the next and clearly delivered. ... full review

I Came To Make Noise

anonymous · June 23, 2018
This was an original, exciting and empowering show for women and men and celebrates what it means to be human with dance, hip hop poetry, beat boxing and song. A profoundly moving experience.... full review

Lorelei: I'm Coming Out!

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Incredible ... full review

Here's to YOU

gabrielle gold · June 23, 2018
wow the pulled me i n to there real stories and i have seen Chuck and Megans work before amazing directing and all the acting and creativity was great yeah yes equal to 5 star two thumbs up gg... full review

Unapologetically Black

james fuetterer · June 23, 2018
This show is incredible and full of heart. The piece is structured perfectly. It's educational, engaging and relatable to people of all stripes. But what really makes this show work is Misty Monroe Clark. She's an amazing actress who guides you through a touching story with brilliantly delivered humor, while somehow engaging the most painful moments of her life. Her bravery will leave you speechless!! If you have a chance, GO SEE IT!!!... full review

The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

francesca gamez · June 23, 2018
A MUST SEE AT 2018 FRINGE A wonderfully beautiful, brave and poignant piece about the disconnect between African Americans and their African roots. Although, the piece speaks specifically to a particular audience it is enjoyable and touching to audiences of all backgrounds which speaks to the skill and talent of the playwright Camille Jenkins... full review

Death of a Mailman

jeremy vernon · June 23, 2018
The writing is tidily suspenseful, the dialogue crisp and real, with subtle humor slyly interspersed, and the acting by two gifted and seasoned pros is superbly gritty and honest. ... full review

My Calico Soul

bonnie sludikoff · June 23, 2018
Steve is engaging, thoughtful, and powerfully vulnerable- he's lovely to watch and listen to and his voice is fabulous. His story is important and well told. I think the piece is still finding out what it is- I think it could have actually done without most if not all of the shifts into conversation- those can be funny and great in a show, but here it felt like a lot of them were there serving a purpose to break up the storytelling instead of belonging in the flow of the performance- when you ha... full review

Nephew of the Universe

ellen snortland · June 23, 2018
Rob Bruner Rocks in an intimate and atypical one man show. Most one man shows are men exploring the lives - inner and outer- of famous dead white men, or in some instances dead MOC. Rob is very much alive and open about a journey that is entertaining and heart-wrenching in equal measure.... full review


catharine dada · June 23, 2018
The work of three crazy talented performers gifting us with tight performances that kept me nervous laughing ~~ until I realized what was really happening. Hooked from the moment the lights went up.... full review


mike rizzo · June 23, 2018
Really funny and lively Macbeth - joyous!... full review

Will You Accept This Rose? The Bachelor Parody Musical

bonnie sludikoff · June 23, 2018
As someone who has seen an embarrassing amount of episodes of the bachelor/bachelorette I can tell you this musical is spot on. I appreciated the ways the show commented on the realities of the series from the fact that the people are shown on fancy dinners and they're not allowed to eat the food- the overnight rose ceremonies, and the lack of casting anyone other than a bunch of white people... I think a lot of really good points are shown and I wish the show went even further showing that point... full review


cailin harrison · June 23, 2018
Amazing, see the encore! So great on all levels! Touching and engaging.... full review

Goodbye Charles

anonymous · June 23, 2018
A whirlwind of perspectives and emotions in relationships. ... full review

Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph

robin harlan · June 23, 2018
Brave and vulnerable performance by a remarkable singer and actress. Story telling at its finest.... full review

A FAMILIAR AUDIENCE -the Best of INK @Fringe!

roxanna kaye · June 23, 2018
WOW!!!! Carl was incredible, one of the best performances I’ve seen in years. Go see the show for Carl’s performance, I promise it will blow you away! Great show, great writing, incredible performance. ... full review

The Word

mark bauman · June 23, 2018
Fantastic!!! Fantastic!!! Fantastic!!! Victor did an outstanding performance. The writing was funny and interesting. He was funny and powerful in his performance. I laughed and I cried. I LOOOVED this show! ... full review

Nobody's Really Helped Me

anonymous · June 23, 2018
A concise, delightful and compassionate show filled with heart, honesty, and resilience.... full review


anonymous · June 23, 2018
A vivid and confident story about adolescence, identity, and female love. This show is wildly imaginative, unafraid to experiment, and pulled off with so much panache that the audience has no choice but to enjoy the ride.... full review

The People VS Hell Kross

martin rodriguez · June 23, 2018
Holy smokes. What a very enjoyable show!!! Funny, great music, enjoyable characters, and just a blast. If you love music, see this show. If you love going to the theatre to have a great time, see this show. You will enjoy every second. ... full review


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