Trafficked 2.0

christina evans · July 01, 2018
Such an important issue that is thriving more than ever in countries all around the world - including the US. Trafficked 2.0 follows a victim of the sex trafficking on her terrifying journey from kidnapping to slavery, and is disturbing in its honesty. ... full review

My Calico Soul

anonymous · July 01, 2018
Very powerful performance.... full review

Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph

susan moore · July 01, 2018
Wild at Hart was thoughtfully sensitive, and extremely moving. A performance piece that touched me with moments of intense sadness and joy. ... full review


sam shaber · July 01, 2018
Loved Sarah's versatile, athletic performance. She made me laugh, she made me go "Hmm" and she made me want more!... full review


cooper bates · July 01, 2018
Surprising show. It's not often you see a performer with the physical talent that Kat has. Balls directs a lens on the journey of her life. Her story is smart, well articulated and funny. Kat is also arrestingly charming.... full review

What I Want To Say To You

cooper bates · July 01, 2018
Powerful theatre experience. I saw the show with my wife and teenaged daughter. The show communicates all the stages of crisis and is well articulated through a mix of different dance styles including wardrobe changes communicating her emotional journey. So many elements of this play were just so lovely to watch. Even without words I was totally invested into her emotional devastation. The music worked so well with the visuals as well.. I would also like to mention that the casting and c... full review

The Sower

david kavin · June 30, 2018
I would see this play multiple times. I loved the cast and can't recall being as moved by a play as I was with "The Sower."... full review

The Complete Works of Julia Roberts: a Parody Musical

anonymous · June 30, 2018
This witty show captured the audience's heart right from the start. Clever music and lyrics and some great performers! Matt Kriger shows such versatility switching between multiple roles. Taylor Moskowitz, Laura De Lano, Amanda McCoy, and Christina Simos do incredible at portraying some iconic Julia Roberts roles. Gerson Rapport is extremely lovable as each of the male ensemble roles. The voice of Moriah Angeline sounds just like the "Alexa" I have at home, extremely convincing. The lead, Haley A... full review

Nephew of the Universe

david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
Seems like this year's Fringe had a huge number of one person shows. Probably no more than usual but I seem to have seen more of them this year, with Nephew of the Universe one of the last. It had nearly all the ingredients of a good such--humor, a sense of a personal arc and lessons learned, an interesting backstory. But I did not feel sucked into this story, and maybe the reason was one of scale. This story tells of a kid brought into a "religious group" (some say cult) and his eventual lea... full review


david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
Every notice how humor so often feels uncomfortable? The reason is simple enough--even when we laugh with someone, rather than at them, laughter tends to feel cruel. Whether a pie in the face or an unbelievably uncomfortable job interview, our reaction is to people's suffering. But the best laughter includes laughing at ourselves, not out of denial but recognition of our own faults, our own need to deal with pain by making it into something else. Squirrel!!! pretty much does that with the sto... full review

The Color Collective

david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
It bears says--I have had a very nice Fringe this year. Wrote only one pan, with two mild disappointments, but the rest of the shows I've seen veered between just plain good to soul-shakingly excellent. Most, though, have also proven...well, heavy. No complaints! Still, no use pretending this delightful variety show didn't act as a breath of fresh air! So much fun! So many laughs! Such a delightful array of different talents on display! My personal faves were the skits, partially because ... full review

Sink or Swim

david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
We all have our journeys, our own terrors and regrets, victories and failures, accomplishments and lessons learned. Nine times out of ten this makes up the substance of nearly any one person show, so the question comes up--how akin to our own lives does this person's story feel? Sink or Swim accomplishes this very well in the most straightforward way--by sharing what happened, how he felt, and in an engaging manner let us in on his life. His methods proved clever, even interactive (btw the man... full review

Hercules Insane

david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
I can but applaud a resurgence of interest in the classics, especially those we don't see that often, as in this case Seneca's Hercules Insane. This production does something even more startling that the revival of an Ancient Roman tragedy (we more often see people do the Greeks--possibly in hopes of seeing ourselves as in a Golden Age) in a pretty close approximation of how it was originally staged! Actors wore masks, spoke in meter, permeated stylized movements in every moment, and never shie... full review

Movin' On Up

david macdowell blue · June 30, 2018
My favorite acting teacher once gave me words to live by. "Theatre" he said "is revolutionary in nature. It changes you. You are no longer the same person you were before seeing a play." I am of course paraphrasing since he said this in the 1980s. But this play makes a fine example of exactly his point. Just in terms of a weird, dreamlike situation--three strangers meeting for reasons never made totally clear in a graveyard--we the audience listen in on a fascinating, perplexing and unresol... full review

The Last One-Man Show (LITERALLY)

matt knudsen · June 30, 2018
Been a fan for years and this is definitely Benaquist at his best.... full review


erica williams · June 30, 2018
When one sees themselves on the stage in a way you've never really before it makes it so much more enjoyable. Watching the main non neurotypical character grapple with what life throws at him and how he handled it was just so refreshing. Never too saccharine for the sake of a happy ending, it's a pretty good portrayal of life today. ... full review

Mulatto Math: Summing Up The Race Equation In America

shelly wilner · June 29, 2018
Everyone needs to see this show! Monique DeBose is a powerhouse of talent, generously sharing with audiences unspoken truths, perceptions, and windows into race in America. Monique is both scientist and artist, using head and heart to get audiences thinking and feeling, grieving the past, facing the present, and yearning for the future. Everyone can relate to the search for belonging, no matter their demographic. Monique makes the topic of race accessible to all, and more importantly, is creating... full review

STILL... The Play Inspired by 4:44

monique lebleu · June 29, 2018
“Still... The Play Inspired By 4:44,” named so after artist Jay-Z's 4:44 album, dares to tackle mixed ideals and politics within a black family, a powder keg issue unique in the atmosphere that is 2018, where love is the only glue keeping tolerance and understanding within. While laying out each individual's ideas and future plans for their parents’ home, the brothers' long-held resentments, miscommunications, and the secrets they have kept long-hidden, ferment and bubble until truth and catha... full review


anonymous · June 29, 2018
What an incredible performance! We had a great time and a good laugh...with tears in my eyes at the touching moments.... full review

American Conspiracy

jerry mills · June 29, 2018
A taught drama well-crafted by writer, director and cast. THIS is what we need more of in the American theatre scene! Would fit perfectly among one acts from Sam Shepard, Mamet, Sharr White. Garver and Schiller drive the action while Cantrell and Winston deftly listen and react from developed inner lives. Great ensemble performance all around. When your left wishing their was more you know they've conspired to craft something good...for America.... full review

Rent this Space

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