When Skies Are Gray

alex wright · June 23, 2018
Absolutely stunning. Ashley has created a profound piece of art, and I felt honored to witness and partake in this journey. Couldn't recommend it more. ... full review

Attack of the Retro Sci-Fi Futurist

kevin mcmahon · June 23, 2018
What a wonderful and entertaining show and educational. Any fans of sci-fi would get a kick out of this fun show. ... full review

Anxiety Written

davia rivka · June 23, 2018
Transfixed. Such a vulnerable journey. I cried and laughed and cried. It was especially poignant as I was sitting with my daughter who has her own struggles. ... full review

The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

tinks lovelace · June 23, 2018
SUCH AN INCREDIBLE SHOW!! A must see at hollywood fringe 2018!... full review

The Word

gordon wimpress · June 23, 2018
Victor & JJ have collaborated on a real gem. There is more than one layer of story being told here, but it’s subtle, funny, and poignant all at the same time. I was sucked in from the beginning. ... full review

We Are Traffic

anonymous · June 23, 2018
Fantastic! Poignant, well delivered, moving. All the things that make art great!... full review

Wild At Hart: A Tale of Trauma & Triumph

connie najah · June 23, 2018
I am blown away by the healing power of true, raw and incredibly brave vulnerability shown by Kamakshi in a very engaging format. I hope this show can travel and keep going because I am sure many many people will feel more empowered and inspired by her triumph! ... full review

My Calico Soul

patrick duncan · June 23, 2018
Brilliant. I feel bad for anyone who missed this :)... full review

"The Thirty-Three"

anonymous · June 23, 2018
I'd say the show was very impressive considering the limited about time in which it was written and produced. I think the script needs to be honed to clarify the story and meet its goals. That said, the whole team did great work!... full review

It's Easier To Love A Cat

anonymous · June 23, 2018
I just left this moving and heartwarming journey that should be seen. Cindy did an amazing job revealing herself in the most vulnerable way. ... full review


david bickford · June 23, 2018
Funniest show in Fringe. I saw the original in 1999 and had very fond memories, so I was really thrilled at the opportunity to see this again. This group are the masters of adding a theatrical gimmick (arming the audience with socks in EASY TARGETS and well, I don't want to give away too much...)... full review

19 Years Later: A Surprisingly Dark Satire of Witchcraft sn

denise barrett · June 23, 2018
This show was so much fun, and felt wonderful to be back in the world of magic! Some of the actors stood out starkly from the others, but overall everyone did a great job telling this story. Transitions were quick and smooth, lighting accented the actions very well. It had a strong theme that is all too important right now - we must set aside all differences for the safety and sake of our children.... full review

A FAMILIAR AUDIENCE -the Best of INK @Fringe!

david bickford · June 23, 2018
Good writing, good acting, good direction. And the fourth wall gets smashed in a unique way. Well worth it. ... full review


steven brydle · June 23, 2018
Beautiful. Patient and artful. Can’t wait to see what they do next show.... full review


denise barrett · June 23, 2018
This is one of the best shows I've seen! A very honest, emotional, and laugh-out-loud look at what it is like to yes, have ADHD, but also just be human - figuring out who you are and why, conquering your fears, and finding out what the universe is wanting from you. Sarah was amazing at depicting the other characters through voice, expression and physicality. CONGRATS Sarah on your follow-through, it certainly paid off in this act of self love, passion and making God happy :)... full review


matt ritchey · June 23, 2018
A stirring performance, a great script, a great message! Kearney brings to life a man and a message needed throughout time, but certainly in our current climate. Sure, the message appeals to my ideologies, but it’s great from a historical and personal standpoint to see someone preaching fire I agree with! ... full review

Maron Doll - the emotional reunion of a mother and daughter

anonymous · June 23, 2018
한국인만의 감정이라고 할 수는 없지만 한국적인 감정인 '한'을 드러내고 그 '한'을 풀어내는 과정을 보여준다. 서로에 대한 오해를 풀고 서로의 약한 모습들을 들여다보며 서로를 위해 살아갈 원동력을 얻는 삶의 이야기이다.... full review

Musicals & Mimosas

amanda hootman · June 23, 2018
Do it again... full review

STAGES: Girl Meets Boy, Boy Meets Boy, Girl Meets Drink

amanda hootman · June 23, 2018
Stages was funny and sad and heartwarming and charming. The Stages of Grief made for a great, entertaining premise for a one-person show (a format I usually hate)... full review

Lorelei: I'm Coming Out!

amanda hootman · June 23, 2018
Lorelei seems like a lady I for sure wanna hang out with ... full review

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