anonymous · June 29, 2018
What an incredible performance! We had a great time and a good laugh...with tears in my eyes at the touching moments.... full review

American Conspiracy

jerry mills · June 29, 2018
A taught drama well-crafted by writer, director and cast. THIS is what we need more of in the American theatre scene! Would fit perfectly among one acts from Sam Shepard, Mamet, Sharr White. Garver and Schiller drive the action while Cantrell and Winston deftly listen and react from developed inner lives. Great ensemble performance all around. When your left wishing their was more you know they've conspired to craft something good...for America.... full review

Ageless Wonders: A Grown up kids Guide to Growing Newer

bonnie priever · June 29, 2018
“Ageless Wonder” is the catch-all phrase that succinctly captures the essence of writer/performer Mindy Fradkin’s solo show at the Hollywood Fringe Festival. She starts off by telling her audience that she was once one of the Beatles’ screaming fans in the 60’s. She, herself, started performing at the young age of nine years old, and along her fascinating life journey, she was a hippie and went to comedy school in NYC. There is a wonderfully conceived backdrop to her animated storytelling, re... full review

The Goddesses Guide: Adura for the Women of African Diaspora

rob angell · June 29, 2018
Stunning costumes, powerful lighting, and masterful storytelling combine for a hypnotic spell that feels both grounded and divine.... full review


ernest kearney · June 28, 2018
The Burglars of Hamm are a delightfully merry and madcap lot. And if you needed proof of that, well there’s Resa Fantastiskt Mystisk. A Platinum Medal! Read the full review at: full review

Doctor Nympho VS. The Sex Zombies

ernest kearney · June 28, 2018
Michael Shaw Fisher has apparently taken to heart George Burns’ sage advice on how to be a success in “showbiz.” According to Burns, “Find talent and marry it.” A GOLD MEDAL For the full review go to full review

A Very DIE HARD Christmas

laarni longaza · June 28, 2018
I was entertained every second of the show. I was always looking forward to the next scene; considering how the Effects were in the Die Hard movie (I.e., bombs, gunshots etc), I was curious how it would be done in the show and was very impressed with the creativity. I’m very glad to have shared my evening with these talents. Job Well Done!... full review

My Own Private River Phoenix

joanna alford · June 28, 2018
Loved it! Ai is a joy to watch. The show is so funny, yet also moving. I didn't want it to end! It's rare to find a one woman show that can keep you laughing. Ai is charming, funny, engaging, and the show is a pure delight.... full review


katt balsan · June 28, 2018
A very fun, honest and real insight into a teenage's mind! I loevd Denzil's physicality, movements and characters (Producer, writer, himself as a teenage)! Very inventive way to tell this story! A great Solo Performance that keeps us entertained from beginning to end! Congratulations!... full review

PLAY ON! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Heroines

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
WOW!!!! Outstanding, Laura is absolutely brilliant!! I was so impressed, by her talent, her voice, her skills and charisma!! It technically sounds perfect, the Finale was so unexpected and mind blowing!! Laura is such an amazing performer, she's hilarious, dramatic, she knows exactly what she's doing and lights up the stage with her Piano and herself! Congratulations! You are a Star!! ... full review

Left Turns

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
A true ride! Heartfelt, raw, told with so much honesty and fun too. Laura is a great storyteller and a force of nature. Her story allows us in a real warrior combat of a woman. We feel so happy seeing Laura so fresh and strong and alive after all she went through and at the same time, sadly, very relatable to many. Thank you for sharing your story and congratulations again!!! ... full review

Buzz'd Out Live!

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
YES!!! That's the type of fun I LOVE!!! The one that we love when we're kids, when everything's allowed!! Where everyone has fun and no one gets hurts!! Haha!! And the production value of Buzz'd Out makes it ready for primetime!! Congratulations Ben and Roe and everyone involved, it takes an army!!! ... full review

The Other Side of the Razor Ribbon

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
Wow! What a story!! It's not everyday that someone writes a book behind bars with the help of a total stranger without ever meeting in person!!! Stacy tells us her story, this fascinating success story, with so much depth. The show is accompanied by music through her (Genius) Son Derrick who plays several instruments, flute, sax... The live music supports Stacy's words, sometimes spoken words, beautifully! It is also very funny, Stacy is hilarious, and lovable! I loved her and her story and her s... full review

The Oz Monologues

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
Hard work, beauty, commitment and talent all put together to create The Oz Monologues!!! Congratulations! We were fully immersed and captivated by each character's story. I was entertained and wowed from beginning to end, I really loved the energy and full commitment of every single person involved!!! And of course the costumes were outstanding!! ... full review

My Own Private River Phoenix

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
I absolutely fell in love with Ai and it seems like anyone who watched walked out with this same feeling !! Her show is brilliant, and she is outstanding! Hilarious, relatable, real, comfortable! It's so easy to watch Ai and be captivated by her story telling. It's by my far one of the Best Solo Performance I've seen!!! Congratulations! ... full review

Maron Doll - Special Encore Performance

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
Very heartfelt and beautiful told story. The actresses were outstanding in this deep and emotional piece. I was in tears throughout this impactful reunion. A big Bravo to everyone who worked on this play, the actresses, the production and of course Soo and Christian!! A must see!!!... full review

Still Life of an Orange and Other Puppet Parables

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
Throughout the show, we are immersed in a very Artistic Tableau. From an Orange story teller, to a beautiful silhouette style puppet show, paintings, videos, images... And then we are brought back to the life of the puppeteer building and creating those puppets who really seem to take life on stage! Bravo Jean! ... full review

Pain In My Asperger's

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
The minute Jeremy stepped on stage I knew I was in for a good ride! Jeremy has perfect comedic timing and all his characters were accurate and funny and seemed effortless! Jeremy really took me in his world, I always knew where he was, what he was doing, how he felt! That's the greatness of story telling! I embarked on this journey with a lot of admiration! I was also very impressed with Jeremy's music! I wasn't expecting him to sing in his show so it was a great surprise!!! Congratulations Jerem... full review

A Life Behind Bars

katt balsan · June 28, 2018
I am so grateful that Dan came to do his show in Los Angeles and that I could witness a genius of comedy, a master of characters, a skilled story teller. WOW!!!! I've been telling everyone to go see his show in which Dan is several different people, so accurately, in a hilarious way. He switches from one person to the other effortlessly. Through out the show Dan gives everything, he is fully committed and I couldn't take my eyes off of him!! And the show's ending keeps you, reflecting, respectful... full review

The Sower

melly rosehaven · June 28, 2018
A very engaging play, with an accurate portrayal of what an artist of Van Goh's caliber would be like with bi-polar. Your attention was held fast and a wide range of emotions explored as you experienced what it was like to be in his shoes, as well as those effected by him.... full review

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