The Video Games

cassidy davis · June 29, 2017
I LOVED it. So well written, so well performed, and I loved all the audience interaction. Although I didn't get all the references, I knew that all the jokes written into the script were done so purposefully and tactfully and it made for a very enjoyable show. I also loved how much we, as an audience, could participate. We could determine the outcome of the show!! So cool. I'm not a video gamer and I still loved this show. ... full review


damon polidore · June 29, 2017
I was very impressed with the show! It showed a lot of different emotions that a person can feel at any moment of any day. From happy and joyous to sad and misunderstood. The story was great, solid connection to the characters because they were developed well, Good acting and consistent undivided attention to see what is coming up next! Great job! I look forward to seeing this again and definitely more from Paul on a bigger screen!... full review


anonymous · June 29, 2017
The show was funny and clever, although it could have been tightened up a bit in terms of plot and message... full review

Bloody Awful: Two Twisted Comedies by Leland Frankel

brenda gross · June 29, 2017
I thought both plays by Leland Frankel were funny and very intelligent. I really laughed at the macabre premise of an insane actress just trying to get a call back and roommate serial killers. ... full review

CringeFest: An Uncomfortable Anthology

aubrey rinehart · June 29, 2017
This show is absolutely fun, hilarious, and, as promised, "cringe-worthy" (in the best way possible.) It's pretty much everything you want it to be and more! If you missed this during the June Fringe run, DO NOT miss their encore performance!!!... full review

Just Like Life

lynn norton · June 28, 2017
It was extremely thought provoking, Great Script. Great Actors. Really nice the way it all came together, and you had some A-ha moments.... full review


tony bo · June 28, 2017
Very impressed by how intamate the show was. Attended on Friday night and was impressed how this is based on real life experiences. This was the first time attending a small theatrical experience like that. My favorites were the one regarding the abuse as a child, taking care of the mother, and the one about being in a Las Vegas show from Karen. I just wish there were more shows like this around our area. It was a very unique experience.... full review

Solomon: King, Poet & Lover - A Play About 1 Man & 700 Wives

amanda vandyk · June 28, 2017
Absolutely fantastic play. Very witty, with creative writing and acting. Marcus has a way of filling the space w his captivating personality, gliding seamlessly from one character to the next. My husband and I throughly enjoyed it and feel so lucky to live in LA and have access to these events. ... full review


jake moss · June 28, 2017
Really great performances and writing. Really intense subject matter and great execution.... full review

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