Villain - An American Story

aaron stiles · June 24, 2018
Entirely enrapturing as a story about Police Brutality is muddled with humanity as none of the "safe" routes to unpacking this topic are taking, allowing for an experience which will rouse you for the entire duration of the play. ... full review

Les Bancs

anonymous · June 24, 2018
It was an amazing show full of light and wonder in a way that reminded me of being a kid and being susceptible to everything that seemed magical. These clowns did a magnificent job transporting us to the world of clowning, because it was something I hadn't really experienced before this show. Excellent.... full review

From Toilet to Tinseltown

jim vejvoda · June 24, 2018
Hilarious one-woman show with plenty of geek appeal and L.A.-centric jabs to enjoy!... full review

Old Frenemies

corinna scott · June 24, 2018
The play opens with a man in a red squirrel costume dancing and taking selfies with the audience members. A couple travels to the countryside and already they are off to a rough start as they navigate through the forest to try and find their lodging on a farm. The couple Charlotte (Wendy Bain) and Duncan (Nick Hardcastle) are arguing about everything. They meet one of the owners of the farm, a woman named Lesley (Lisa Gorgin) who is trying to turn the property into holiday homes, claims to recogn... full review

The First And The Last

alexander cobb · June 24, 2018
The First And The Last was an excellent performance diving into the curiosity everyone has about people who end up spending their eternity down below. I personally loved the head scratcher questions they posed to us and the excecution the actors provided for each character, especially Delilah, Eve, and Brutis. Would absolutely recommend to a friend!... full review

Phat Trane: FOUND

jim vejvoda · June 24, 2018
An intriguing faux retrospective with very cool songs.... full review

The People VS Hell Kross

jim vejvoda · June 24, 2018
So much fun! Great songs and very funny! A big thumbs up.... full review

Trafficked 2.0

jim vejvoda · June 24, 2018
A phenomenal show. Utterly harrowing, thought-provoking, important and well performed. A must-see.... full review

Modern Romance

john kaufman · June 24, 2018
I loved the story that any and all can relate. It was very engaging to see the different story lines play out with each character. For me, Erin played by Nate McFadden was the core that held all aspects of the show together. His performance was engaging and well performed. ... full review

Down to my last egg

john kaufman · June 24, 2018
I am grateful for the story, so well written and told by Remy. She took me through the story with laughter, engagement, sadness and shared true emotion. I felt engaged throughout the entire play and was ready for more in her brilliance in sharing all sides. I look forward to her next performance, she is a true talent. ... full review

Psychodelicate's Magical Mystery Comedy Show

dak knudsen · June 24, 2018
Really fun! Colorful, wild, innovative and imaginative. Quite an array of perspectives on the psychedelic experience. ... full review

The Woman Is Perfected

debba rofheart · June 24, 2018
A powerful and heartbreaking look into one young woman's descent into madness. It is fueled by the self loathing created by an abusive relationship and the cultural imperative for women's bodies to be forever young and thin. It is written in Ruth Fowler's signature, raw, pull-no-punches style and interpreted with unselfconscious honesty by Maliabeth Johnson. It is painful and beautiful to see. Brava, both!... full review

The Woman Is Perfected

matthew johnson · June 24, 2018
Riveting and a tour de force of emotion.... full review


constance jaquay strickland · June 24, 2018
Katt is fearless! When she enters the stage it reminds me of an old old acting teacher I had in school, “Your entrances and exits are the most important in the theatre!” Katt nails the entire show and holds the audiences engagement which is often hard to do in solo shows. There is an energy that lives within her and makes her a force to reckon with onstage. The music was also exciting and worked with the work. I can’t wait to see what Katt does next!!... full review


brooke trantor · June 24, 2018
Incredible writing. Loved the concept. These female stories are excactly what we need right now. Incredible to see the comparison of women struggling in similar aspects of their lives, and yet in different parts of history. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Catherine Lidstone's performace was grounded, raw, vulnerable and inticing. I could have watched this show for 2 more hours. I am so glad I got to see this. ... full review

The Woman Is Perfected

ronni ashley · June 24, 2018
Bold, brutal and beautiful.... full review

Black When I Was A Boy

greg hedgepath · June 24, 2018
Cooper Bates takes us on a journey through his life starting as a child through entering manhood. We get an intimate view of the pains , joys, hurts, triumphs, and a roller coaster of other emotions he experiences on his life's journey. You leave the performance somewhat spent but buoyed by the resilience of the human spirit. It's an intense beautiful performance that I recommend to anyone. ... full review

Hercules Insane

donald watson · June 24, 2018
Intriguing,Captivating, Entertaining and Educational. Outstanding storyline, excellent Acting and Directing.... full review

Cowboy Mouth

langley mcarol · June 24, 2018
Best show I’ve seen at Fringe in a long time. ... full review

Maron Doll - the emotional reunion of a mother and daughter

jim vejvoda · June 24, 2018
A poignant, heartfelt family drama. The switching of the dynamic between the two characters packs a punch. ... full review

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