Snow Fridge

deirdre butchko · June 26, 2018
Amazing! Magic!... full review

Baby Boy

joel ward · June 26, 2018
I was so impressed with the show! Great acting, writing, directing, lighting, and sound! So happy to have seen this show! ... full review

The Dangerous Cures of Dr. B

anonymous · June 26, 2018
Very creative, original, and well-performed by all.... full review

Men of Blood

raha lewis · June 26, 2018
The performance was very moving and relatable in so many ways. Watching the struggle of finding love amidst the mental distresses of life is too familiar and it was portrayed in such an authentic way. ... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

stacy spruill · June 26, 2018
BRAVO to Kathryn Taylor Smith (and her incredible team) for creating and executing a spectacular show.... full review

Left Turns

jeremy ebenstein · June 26, 2018
A well told/acted powerful story. Laura puts you in the scenes that she's in. It's as though your living her life story with her.... full review


jeremy ebenstein · June 26, 2018
Katt is incredibly expressive. Her timing with verbal & physical comedy is astounding. She's her own special effect! One also feels for her in the dramatic moments.... full review

The Day I Became Black

jeff dean · June 26, 2018
This show was great. The shifts from serious and touching to funny and ridiculous are great. It really hits home on a lot of issues we need to face in a america - but is also seriously funny. ... full review

A Mile In My Shoes

raquel rosser · June 26, 2018
So, I planned all week to go see Kathryn in her one woman show at the @hollywoodfringe festival, A Mile in my Shoes because I wanted to see Kat do her thang AND she was presenting a subject dear to my heart "homelessness".I didn't know what to expect,had some thoughts of what it might be BUT WHAT I GOT was this BRILLIANT, ENTHRALLING show! It ministered,it educated,it touched me,it made me laugh, it showcased a researched,focused & passionate actress giving voice to 'humans' living on the street... full review

Marilyn Monroe: The Last Interview

keith wishon · June 26, 2018
Thoroughly enjoyed the show. Kelly really captures the many-faceted aspects of Marilyn Monroe.... full review

The Obama Effect

anonymous · June 26, 2018
I felt the thoughts provoked by the author were timely. They brought out emotions that should be discussed in an open forum. Maybe a show like this can be a beginning. Any play that allows the audience to walk away thinking how to make the world a better place works for me. ... full review

I Died Today

karlyn c · June 26, 2018
We thoroughly enjoyed the show! The writing was exceptional, the acting - very good, and the message - open, honest and kind.... full review

PLAY ON! A Musical Romp with Shakespeare's Heroines

david macdowell blue · June 26, 2018
A woman. A grand piano (or any piano really, this one happened to be grand). Some songs. Such a simple, yet challenging premise. One Laura Jo Trexler meets with talent, passion and panache! In this case the conceit lies in the pov from each original song she performs. Each one has a female character from the works of Shakespeare, from Gertrude (in Hamlet) to the Dark Lady of the Sonnets and beyond. Along the way, we experience enough passion, humor, tragedy, silliness and the like for a fu... full review

Room No. 9 at the Chrysalis Inn

wanda cathran · June 26, 2018
The main character was very engaging. You could feel her pain. Your heart goes out to her for the injustices she was subjected to in her life.... full review

Lights Out in the Hermit’s Cave!

david macdowell blue · June 26, 2018
Lights Out at the Hermit's Cave comes from a place of pure fun. An ensemble of very good performers demonstrate over-the-top means "good" if done well and in the right context. This company, The Hermit's Cave, stages in a dark room horror radio plays from the 1940s. Not as radio plays, but rather acted out all around you the audience, albeit with a foley artist and live musician to add ambiance. It works! It works delightfully, even in a simple meeting room with most of the lights turned off.... full review

My Own Private River Phoenix

russ gooberman · June 26, 2018
The tragi-comic travails of an innocent Japanese emigree trying to separate myth from reality in her new life on American soil.... full review


anonymous · June 25, 2018
It was dramatic and amazing!... full review

Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde

anonymous · June 25, 2018
The actors were phenomenal and brought inspiration to the show!... full review

Eyes of the Blind

marilyn corum · June 25, 2018
It was quite an adventure. It's the kind of play I love discovering at the Fringe Festival. It was challenging, mysterious and in the end, satisfying.... full review

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