Premium placement for your full-page ad can make a huge impact on Fringe audiences // Photo: Matt Kamimura


APR 2017

If you’d like some great publicity for your show or business, we invite you to take part in the auction for the most coveted Guide spots: the centerfolds, inner front cover, and back cover. The auction opens Thursday, April 20th at Noon PDT and ends Monday, April 24th at 6pm PDT. You can participate whether or not you have already purchased an ad in the Guide (if you did, your original purchase will be deducted from your bid). If you purchased an ad smaller than the full-page size, you will need to upgrade if you win. The opening bid for the centerfolds is $750, and both the inner front cover and back cover opening bids are $1,000. We have also set “Buy Now” prices for each option. Go here to participate in the auction.