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Take Me To The Poorhouse

comedy · take me to the poorhouse · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · Nigeria

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WANJIRU NJENDU June 18, 2013
This is the best one person performance that I have ever attended. Liz Femi creates colorful characters that a reminiscent and relatable of everyone's childhood regardless of cultural upbringing and location. She moves seamless from each character she has created, giving each a unique and memorable voice while absolutely engaging the audience to the point of leaving one wanting more when the performance ends. Don't walk, RUN to see Take me to the poor house.... full review
JACK FRY certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Just a fantastic play! Liz Femi's portrayal of characters is a highly skilled delight. She's one of these actresses that you can't take your eyes off because she is so engaging. She really captures that magical moment of one's childhood where we find it hard to distinguish fantasy from reality-- the magical realism phase. Jane Morris, the director, allows Liz to shine with Fred Kaz musical score is really punctuates the piece perfectly. Go see it!!!... full review
MIATA EDOGA certified reviewer June 17, 2013
I loved this piece! Liz Femi is a magical actor - her characters will make you laugh as they capture your heart. Don't miss it!... full review
ALEX SCOTT certified reviewer June 19, 2013
It's a wonderful thing when a performer is as entertaining to watch as Liz Femi, and Liz is a performer who knows how to take her audiences along for the ride. From lights up, to lights down, you can tell she loves doing this show, and performing is her passion. There are a few things that get me down about "Poor House" however. Very rehearsed movement on stage seems sloppy at some points, and almost forced at others - sort of like Femi is being directed to make sure she uses the whole space. Throughout the entire production, I found myself losing Liz and the wonderful projections that accompany her - mostly due to bright, unfocused, very thrown together lighting. In my opinion, this show would work better in a smaller space, with more r... full review
HEIDI POWERS certified reviewer June 11, 2013
I first heard about the show when I saw a friend had donated to the Indiegogo campaign, and I assumed, based on the title, that it was a drama. But Liz Femi's "Take Me To The Poorhouse" is comedy in every sense of the word, taking the classic Cinderella concept and turning it on its head. Each of Femi's characters (which range from extreme differences of socio-economics, gender, age, and wisdom) is illustrated crystal-clearly through the written voice as well as physical voice and physical presence. Put together, they give such a rich and vibrant depiction of life in Nigeria, as well as tapping into a "universal" experience - the naivety of inexperience and of financial privilege. (But, of course, that's my own privilege talking - privile... full review
I know Take me to the Poorhouse travels to the 2013 United Solo Festival this fall and has dreams of further touring. The writing already impressed me at their living room reading. especially as I knew there were many solo shows in my near future of Fringe. I was a little scared, honestly, because I loved the script so much and worried that ‘producing’ it might ruin it. Often a solo show would be just as good if it stayed as a story-telling piece rather than a play. Not the case here; Take Me to the Poorhouse works even better on its feet. Femi is tight. Her story of class and love and mistaking real life for musicals feels close yet very distinctly far from my own experience. There’s a lot of distance between Nigeria and Massachusett... full review
NICHOLAS LAW June 20, 2013
Simple story. Great acting. Funny and touching. “Take Me To The Poorhouse” is a wonderful show that takes you to a real world as seen by an 8 year old girl. With interesting characters, a simple set, and very little technical support or any props, as an audience member I was both endeared and impressed with Liz Femi's ability to create a very clear world with only her physicality, some lights and projections, and a few blocks of wood. While the show centers around very real problems, such as poverty, crime, and the difficulties of love, since we view these problems through the young and positive eyes of Liz, without discrediting or lessening the value and difficulties these themes bring to those who are affected by them, personally I wa... full review
I can not recommend this show enough. Please go see it. What an up and coming Talent this lady is. Wow! Liz keeps you engaged for 60 minutes and then leaves you wanting more when the show is done. She seamlessly went from one character to another and they each had a different voice. She needs to start writing her oscar speech. Great performer and Performance. Take your friends to see it! As Quincy told Oprah once, "your future is so bright, it burns ones eyes"..... full review
JAMILA WEBB certified reviewer June 14, 2013
Funny and heartfelt! What more could you want? One of the best solo shows I've ever seen. This is a must-see! Don't miss Liz's breakout performance.... full review
BENNY LUMPKINS June 20, 2013
I don't get it. I don't get the buzz nor do I get the excitement over the thing. "Take Me To The Poor House," while a great statement on children's innocence is campy at best. With one person shos, playing different characters has to be about playing believable characters and not a characature of those characters. Maybe this was a result of the many missteps of the direction, which includes the actor running all over the stage as if there was no direction. While the story has h eart and relevancy, it misses the mark on being groundbreaking and dynamic as a story like this should be in this post "We Are the World" era. If you're curious to see a show that dispels the myths of the "dark" continent, this might be the show for you, otherwise I... full review

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