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Take Me To The Poorhouse

comedy · take me to the poorhouse · Ages 13+ · world premiere · one person show · Nigeria

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ANNA WALTERS uncertified reviewer June 17, 2013
Deeply funny, wonderfully revealing, deftly characterized. Purely personal but also universal. A loving portrait of growing up. ... full review
SOPHIA THOMAS uncertified reviewer June 09, 2013
Enjoyed the show! This material was a breath of fresh air and very entertaining. Liz Femi is comical and does a beautiful job both as an actress and a writer. Also loved that this show is appropriate for all ages. ... full review
KRISTINE OLLER uncertified reviewer June 10, 2013
Go. I promise Take Me To The Poorhouse will thoroughly entertain you – which is, too often, a rare compliment to be able to give about a play (let a alone a one person show!) But Liz Femi Wilson knocks it out of the park. Anyone who has ever been 8 years old can relate to it :) – hey, and the language is clean so even an 8-year-old can attend.... full review
E K certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Liz Femi is incredible! Touching, hilarious, poignant, real, Liz brings to bright and engaging life the characters of her 8-year-old world in Nigeria. Go see this show.... full review
HEAVYNN GATES certified reviewer June 22, 2013
Liz Femi is a genius!!! Pure genius... Incredible I look forward to seeing more from this amazing artist...... full review
MICHAEL KUYA certified reviewer June 11, 2013
A very cool performance with a charming story. Every character portrayed by Liz Femi was entertaining to watch and listen to. Nice storytelling!... full review
MARISSA INGRASCI certified reviewer June 12, 2013
Liz is such a treat to watch on stage. The clever, funny and deeply heartfelt storyline is both entertaining and refreshing. ... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 09, 2013
This one woman play was touching and hilarious! I loved how Liz Femi was able to embody a wide range of colorful characters. Seeing her transform back and forth between three kids, or to and forth between her and her mother, was fun and entertaining. The story was a nice inversion of a classic tale and an interesting peek into what life feels like for an 8-year-old middle class Nigerian girl. If you enjoy seeing something different and like a mix of comedy and drama, I highly recommend this!! ... full review
WANJIRU NJENDU uncertified reviewer June 18, 2013
This is the best one person performance that I have ever attended. Liz Femi creates colorful characters that a reminiscent and relatable of everyone's childhood regardless of cultural upbringing and location. She moves seamless from each character she has created, giving each a unique and memorable voice while absolutely engaging the audience to the point of leaving one wanting more when the performance ends. Don't walk, RUN to see Take me to the poor house.... full review
JACK FRY certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Just a fantastic play! Liz Femi's portrayal of characters is a highly skilled delight. She's one of these actresses that you can't take your eyes off because she is so engaging. She really captures that magical moment of one's childhood where we find it hard to distinguish fantasy from reality-- the magical realism phase. Jane Morris, the director, allows Liz to shine with Fred Kaz musical score is really punctuates the piece perfectly. Go see it!!!... full review