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solo performance · ask flash productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · 1hr · United States of America

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ANONYMOUS June 22, 2013
This was the most amazing and moving show I have ever seen. I cried I laughed and I cried some more. It's a must see. Can't wait for her next show so I can invite all my friends. ... full review
MELISSA CARD July 06, 2013
Blindsided got extended for more shows! You gotta see it. Jeanette really puts herself out there and doesn't hold anything back. I squirmed in my seat, laughed and cried- sometimes all at the same time. There were times that I laughed at myself for crying but then cried because of the very things I was laughing at. Don't wear mascara!! ... full review
Jeannette Rizzi is a master of storytelling. Beautifully written and heartwarmingly gut wrenching. If you or someone you know has committed suicide or you suspect might be considering suicide, Jeannette's show is a "Must See." Using humor and honesty Jeannette's one women show touches the heart and soul of what we in America are so unwilling to talk about or discuss i.e. Suicide and our cultural unkindness towards others who are not "just like ourselves." Also, Jeannette's gift and skill of bringing different characters to life is nothing short of amazing. I found myself crying and laughing at the same time as she uniquely wove her story of a young Italian girl growing up against all odds in a small rural community. Finally, As I looked ... full review
Jeanette Rizzi's "Blindsided" was so honest that one could not help but be moved. Her versatility was astounding and highly entertaining - more than just a one-woman show as she portrayed an amazing cast of characters. I highly recommend this as a triumph beyond the dysfunctional bumps that life can give.... full review
KATHLEEN BRADY June 17, 2013
Many of us have seen tragedy, been the recipient of unkind words, and suffered from low self esteem and muddled through. Not many of us have the strength to overcome and the guts to put the journey and the fight out there for others to see and learn from. Jeannette proves she has both the strength and the guts by putting herself out there in this powerful one woman show. It is heartfelt, funny, tragic, thought provoking but most of all triumphant! You go girl!! Bravo!!!... full review
MORGAN BOGAD June 19, 2013
"Blindsided" leads you through the chronology of Jeannette's ups and downs in this incredibly personal story. And even as Jeannette bares her soul, she finds a way to make pieces of her story every woman's story in her telling of it. This show takes you right to the edge and grabs ahold of you - forcing you to take a good look at your own life and how you treat the people in it by the time the lights come up. ... full review
MANNY BASANESE June 20, 2013
Jeannette's Rizzi's powerful autobiographical one-woman show, BLINDSIDED hits you hard with equal parts raw emotion and dark edgy humor. With staggering honesty, Rizzi takes us on a tour of subject matter ranging from suicide, abuse, sex and death. Yet what shines through most is the hard-won, survivor's vitality that Rizzi beams like a light on the audience. Go get BLINDSIDED and see for yourself. ... full review
I spent last evening captivated by a woman and her story. Jeannte Rizzi not only conceived and wrote this heart-wrenching story but performed it beautifully as well. The message she sent out was one that is dear to my heart and her tender and truthful account of suicide was a comfort and yet, dynamic. She is a masterful actor and one who will go places. This show has to be seen!... full review
MELISSA PERRY June 19, 2013
The whole idea of someone exploring their past and present in this way is groundbreaking! There is a connection that she makes with everyone in the audience about her story that has human parts to american dysfunction. The minute it hits you that this is a real person - telling a real life story, it is an instant identification with self esteem, self worth, and know you are not alone. I have seen Jeanette do stand-up before and fell in love with her fearless ability to talk about anything... this show just solidified that. ... full review
What an experience! no elaborate set, no famous cast.... just raw, visceral emotion that tugged at your heart and made you a witness to Jeannette's incredible story. She is an accomplished story teller who takes you to a journey filled with bittersweet humor, unbearable anguish and sadness yet leaves you with an incredible appreciation for life with all its ups and down. This show should be performed in schools all around the country. As Jeannette said toward the end of her performance "Be careful how you speak to women". ... full review

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