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solo performance · mike schlitt · Ages 14+ · one person show · United States

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ANNE BRASHIER June 17, 2013
Far more moving than I expcted, and totally hilarious! a really fun theatrical thrill ride.... full review
COCO TUTU June 10, 2013
Filled with both laugh-out-loud and thought provoking moments, this solo piece plays out like a sit down with a hilarious and eloquent friend--he might do all the talking, but you're all too enthralled with the story to mind. He delves into a tale of televangelical style Christianity meets LA film types in the go-go monied 90s, and weaves in broader themes of family ties, parental expectations, and modern cultural representation of a somewhat influential Jewish guy named Jesus. And bonus... you get a few video excursions down cinematic history lane. Intelligent, spot-on delivery- I found myself absolutely engaged & entertained throughout.... full review
JUSTIN LENTZ June 10, 2013
This a great one man show that delves into the reason some things in this city don't come out quite right. I recommended it to everyone especially people that have ever worked in entertainment or would like a glimpse into the "creative" people you have the "pleasure" of working with. ... full review
EMILY MELLIN June 10, 2013
Great story! Something for everyone...if "everyone" enjoys high energy tales of Hollywood weirdos, religious freaks, and Jewish guilt. ... full review
JEFF WORTHEN June 10, 2013
I was intrigued, and a bit frightened by the show going in, as the word 'Jesus' always gives me jitters. Boy, am I glad I went. Mike Schlitt's solo show is truly amazing---so intelligent, funny, heartfelt and just plain crazy good fun!!! The script's unlikely narrative combines too many disparate elements to mention here--a hilarious compendium of Jesus Movies, tons of delicious Hollywood trivia, an interesting take on the history of Christians and Jews, freakish tales of the worst movie job ever, the story of a dying dad who just wants to smoke a goddamn cigarette--so seamlessly and to such powerful effect. I'm still not sure exactly how they did it. I highly recommend this show to anyone who likes theatre that provokes them to thi... full review
KYLE GASS June 11, 2013
If Spaulding Gray and Eric Bogosian mated while blazing on acid then spawned an illicit love child, and if the fruit of their loin spent his entire childhood reading Shopenhauer and watching Marx Brothers movies, he would probably grow up to be Mike Schlitt, who is my own personal Jesus! See this show and learn the true meaning of theater.... full review
LYNN K. June 13, 2013
"Jesus Ride" is an exhilarating journey! Super-smart, hilarious, personal, it travels through a mind-bending array of subjects, expertly woven together revealing fresh insights and connections. You get fathers and sons, Christians and Jews, movies and madness, and more... Mike Schlitt is a consummate performer, and it was a treat to spend time with him. I want more!!! ... full review
TURNER MUNCH June 16, 2013
what a fantastic show! my favorite show I have seen this Fringe. Mr Schlitt has a unique "mostly true" story to tell that begins with some religious ironyand navigates through many different perspectives and insight with quick witted and hilarious execution. Truly Laugh Out Loud A sort of Jew who has to work on a project called 'Jesus Ride' for a theme park. It satisfies on many levels and finds a way to have you leave the theatre in a positive energy ready to take on your own ridiculous circumstance and ironic life. The use of projections is to great comedic effect as we see so many Jesus movies of the past. Starting with a bag of popcorn was great as we settled in for.... the Jesus Ride!... full review
MITCH WATSON June 17, 2013
Brilliant on multiple levels. Schlitt is not only a fantastic writer, but as a performer he raises the material to another level entirely. An immensely entertaining comedic mix of hollywood history, religion, and Jewish guilt. Highly recommended. Be prepared to laugh A LOT!... full review
PETER GASPAR June 17, 2013
Bless me, Father, for I have sinned...but "JESUS RIDE" is a helluva show! More than 2000 years in the making, Mike Schlitt's one-man performance explores the tenuous love-hate relationship between Jesus, a kindly carpenter from Nazareth, and the starmaking machine of Hollywood. What does it mean to be a Jew working in the industry? Especially when you're tasked to create an amusement park park ride based on the life of Jesus Christ! WTH?!!! Hilarity ensues. At its core, "JESUS RIDE"is a touching, timeless story of the relationship between a father and son. It is all our story. And it is funny as H - E - Double Hockeysticks! Go see it! ... full review

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