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Sunny Afternoon

ensemble theatre · the gangbusters theatre company · Ages 11+ · flashing lights · world premiere · United States

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer July 29, 2013
Another excellent production from Gangbusters! Loved everything about it- from the compelling story, to the incredible acting ensemble. The stage/lighting/costume design is worth mentioning, too. Go!... full review
JAMES COYNE June 09, 2013
There's a new voice in the American Playwriting world. His name is Christian Levatino. You've seen him acting and directing on the LA stage circuit for over ten years. Now he's taken the bit, and written an original that will make you wish he'd been writing all along. His play, Sunny Afternoon, is workshopping during this years LA Fringe festival. If you have any artistic pretensions, get off your ass and go see something that is like holding a live wire for 90 minutes of direct current. The play is bold, meticulous in detail, flooded with character, and challenging in every respect. If you think you know something about the assassination of Kennedy, about America, and about Coke a Cola, Sunny Afternoon will make you think again; if you thin... full review
ANONYMOUS June 15, 2013
This play was boring. Perhaps JFK buffs would find it interesting, but outside of the historical realism with a touch of conspiracy theory thrown in, it offered no real emotional punch. After the first scene set up the parameters of the story, the plot basically stayed in one place until the very end, without any real rising action and no driving motivation. The only bring spot was Darrett Sander's inspired turn as the lead interrogator, but many of the other performances were amateurish at best.... full review
TIM CUMMINGS June 16, 2013
Great cast. Really great actors up there. Wonderfully written--poignant, gritty, crisp. And, for that tiny little space, really wonderfully staged. I left with a mind full of thoughts about the assassination of JFK and what--or who--is really behind any plot to bring down America, not only 50 years ago, but today as well. I would like to see this show expanded upon and given a proper run. ... full review
I loved it! It was so fascinating to watch! I was with the story all the time-. I wanted to know what would happen next! Especially the close to the end, my mouth was open, and my body was leaning forward. well written, well directed, well performed! Reccomend to see it! ... full review
MIKE TARGUS certified reviewer June 16, 2013
Great show, really awesome! I was a bit apprehensive going in figuring another rehash of the events on the day of the JFK assassination could be pretty one dimensional. I was wrong, the cast was excellent, alive and colorful, and the "twist" at the end... No spoilers... fits extremely well with what we now know about that day. (At the end of the day though... The Hamburglar could have shot the president... The dialogue and the performances were so strong I would have gone with wherever they told me.) Must see!... full review
DIANE LEFER June 23, 2013
An extraordinary re-imagining of the last days of Lee Harvey Oswald. You feel like you're there rather than seated in a theater because of the great dialogue and because Darrett Sanders becomes Captain William Fritz so convincingly there's not an instant when you can detect even a hint of acting. Brett Fleisher is an uncannily real Oswald. See it!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 16, 2013
Not since Oliver Stone has a writer/director brought forth such a plausible conspiracy theory as Christian Levatino does in this show. It is a compelling look at Lee Harvey Oswald and the events that surrounded the assassination of JFK. I was most moved by the compelling performances of Brett Fleisher as Oswald and Darrett Sanders as Captain William Fritz, the lead interrogator, as they presented a dynamic picture of hunter and quarry. Do not miss this show - run, don't walk to the box office and get your tickets now.... full review
SHARI BARRETT broadway world los angeles certified reviewer June 23, 2013
Those of us who were alive on November 22, 1963, will never forgot where we were when Kennedy was shot. In the days that followed, we were glued to our television screens watching with devastated hearts as the tragedy played out live in our homes. And if, like me, you were watching at the exact moment that Lee Harvey Oswald was shot, then you too certainly felt as if the rug had just been pulled out from beneath the American people. But who was Lee Harvey Oswald and could he really have acted alone? Or was he just the sacrificial lamb needed to make sure the cover-up stayed in place as to who really shot JFK? The puzzles have been in place for almost 50 years with no one seemingly able to give a definitive answer on anything. Author... full review
GRAHAM BOWLIN certified reviewer June 25, 2013
I really, really enjoyed SUNNY AFTERNOON. There are some great scenes with sharp, natural dialogue. The lighting and sound design are pretty close to brilliant, and the way they use the space is phenomenal. It's rare in Fringe to see a show that so completely embraces their space and it's really nice to see. The performances in this show are a real treat. With such a large cast, there wasn't a single weak link. Everyone was on point. The stand outs here are Darrett Sanders (brilliant!), Dieterich Gray, and Brett Fleischer as a fantastic Lee Harvey Oswald. So why, with all of this genuine praise, did I click "Liked It" instead of "Loved It"? I had some issues with the script. It went to many different places, and while non of it was bad... full review


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