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solo performance · tilted field productions · Ages 17+ · world premiere · one person show · United States

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BUCK ZACHARY June 24, 2013
Funny, honest, touching, insightful, and expertly performed. If Alex Knox doesn't charm your pants off, you weren't wearing pants to begin with. SEE IT!... full review
KENDRA CHELL certified reviewer June 10, 2013
Alex Knox is engaging, sweetly self-effacing and a humorous storyteller. Becca Wolff's direction keeps the focus on Knox. ... full review
ERIN KELLY June 10, 2013
Alex Knox does an amazing job of capturing his audience in a story that illustrates the power of connection and the pain of the human condition. Filled with humor and common experience, this is a show I'm glad I didn't miss! ... full review
JTIMOTHY K June 10, 2013
I may never go back to my old school, but (no static at all) is so good I can hardly wait to go back, Jack, and do it again. As anyone familiar with Monty Python knows, few things are funnier than the desperate attempt to find profound spiritual significance in the most mundane. Alex Knox smartly gets this, but then takes things to another level, seeking out and somehow discovering wild and wacky connections among Steely Dan, a lost boyhood friendship, and obscure biblical passages. The journey with Alex takes us up and down and all around, and is a pure delight. If they call Alabama the crimson tide, call me freakin' amused. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 10, 2013
A heartfelt story of friendship and loss woven seamlessly with a young man's musical obsession. Themes of faith, brotherhood, and the power of music ring crystal clear in this delightful story. Featuring a captivating performance by new solo artist Alex Knox, No Static At All will leave you vibrating with excitement! ... full review
TOM BLAKE June 10, 2013
It's tough for me to find a show, even more so, a solo act, that is engaging enough to elicit more than a few emotions in less than 1:30. Alex Knox took me on a ride through the full emotional spectrum in his solo performance of No Static At All. Immensely entertaining script based on true accounts in his life that had me intrigued from start to finish. 10 out of 10. Whens the next show?!... full review
NIKKI BERGER June 10, 2013
Don't miss this incredible show! Alex Knox is a visionary who reveals his determined search for mysticism with poetry, humility and humor. ... full review
JAMES MCCUE June 11, 2013
I found myself quickly and pleasantly immersed in Alex's wonderful storytelling and charismatic presentation. Alex weaves this tale in such a way as to make it relatable to all of us that have struggled with questions about the purpose of life. Fantastic performance.... full review
LISA STERN June 11, 2013
Highly recommend this show! Engaging from start to finish, touching, and consistently surprising.... full review

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