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Ryan is Lost

comedy · awake/unafraid · Ages 14+ · world premiere · United States

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June 15, 2013

My overall impression

I like my comedies to chronicle the slow and subtle de-evolution of a once great nation. Here we have two real misfits with one simple job (taking their nephew to a crappy mall) that they cannot do for the life of them. This is a play about how it’s impossible to do anything right. It reminds me of The Band’s The Weight. First beause it’s funny. But more importantly both report on a world so out of orbit that the most well intentioned person on earth constantly will get strepped on. It is not their souls that are devoid of merit, it’s a sick, sickening world full of resentment, broken promises and addiction. I ended up really liking these losers, and hating all the invisible douchenozzles that surround us in the mall of ’Merica.

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