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ensemble theatre · vespertine productions · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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At the crossroads of tragedy and comedy, Jorge Luis Borges and Buddy Holly, “Jason <3 Medea” is a character-driven story about love, destiny and the universe. Using the original Greek myths of Jason and the Argonauts and Medea as a stepping stone, this production depicts love and hate at their most primal. By mixing in contemporary references (pop culture and modern science are equal players, here) and elements of black comedy, “Jason <3 Medea” looks at this classic love story through a radical new lens. Stranded on an island where time and space are fickle bedfellows, Jason and Medea must confront their past actions and choose between a life of epic adventure or humble civility. Are their destinies bringing them together, or tearing the world apart?

production team

michael roche *
technical director
alexis robles *
stage manager
landon johnson *
sound designer

* Fringe Veteran