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Dick & Jayne Get A Life

ensemble theatre · three peas productions, lazlo vidor productions · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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KEENA FERGUSON June 24, 2013
Knowing a writer like Peppur Chambers you know you are going to step into a world of creative writing with well thought out characters and a change of pace from the norm. And Dick and Jayne Get a Life is no exception. Its funny and quirky and allows you to recognize the quirks in yourself which is humorous and interesting. Great actors who take the dialogue and make it their own and very creative use of a stage manager who also happens to be in the play. Everyone can't do that. A great night of theatre!! ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 23, 2013
DICK & JAYNE GET A LIFE: Kill me now, or kill me later? Kill me now! Kill me now!... full review
AARON FRANCIS June 24, 2013
This is a wonderful new play. I have seen A LOT of shows this Fringe and most a pretty terrible, but this is a real play with real characters who learn and grow and we feel for them. Peppur Chambers is a great writer and she shows off with this piece. The acting is overall pretty wonderful, especially Nicole Adelman and Michael Hampton who play the leads Jayne and Dick. The work Michael does on Dick is worth going to the theater for all by itself. He creates a strange, socially awkward, introverted emotional shut in who all of a sudden opens himself up when he meets Jayne and can't turn off the torrent of honesty that pours out of him. Jayne is damaged too, and her damage makes her too sensitive. She feels everything too much, too soon and ... full review
CHARLES S. ANTEBY June 24, 2013
Michael Hampton is a terrible stand up comic - well, that's what he plays. A total loser who can't get over a breakup ( and can't tell a good joke). And he plays loser so convincingly and charmingly that you gotta love him. He's not the only neurotic in this play either. There's Nicole Adelman, another loser ( loser character - great actress) and big time neurotic who's messed up her life and won't take responsibility for any of it. She messed up her boyfriend's life pretty much, too. Once we meet her Mom, though, we see where she gets all this no-talent-for-conducting her own life. A bunch of laughs, a few surprises and some clever staging made the hour or so fly by. I highly recommend DICK AND JAYNE GET A LIFE. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 21, 2013
If offbeat and quirky characters and situations are your thing this is the play for you. Not quite a straight play not the kind of play I think I've ever seen before. Writer is very creative and actors are SUPERB!!! This is definitely one to add to your list. A lot of fun even if you are not sure you are on the same page as the characters...they aren't either. And that's the point! ... full review
NINA DONATO June 27, 2013
Dear Tiffany - I couldn't agree more with your opinion - my role was directed to be that extreme - It was set in rehearsals that way by the director. I spoke with Peppur about how it seemed like my character was out of place in this play;I could feel that it was wrong, but was never given any other direction. The role will be recast as I have resigned from the part.... full review
Dear Ms. Donato, I'm writing this because I see that you're active on the message board so, maybe, just maybe, you'll see this while you're googling yourself. I have no real critique of your performance, other than the fact that you came on stage, screeched through your lines, and left. Frankly, you made me laugh on occasion. But, I'm commenting on your previous post here. You resigned the show. You quit. You quit while the show was still had a performance left. You gave the middle finger to your cast and crew because -- you had what? Creative disagreements about your character? HAVE YOU EVER WORKED IN THEATER BEFORE? It's not up to you! I'm sure as shit the fellas that played Rosencrantz and Guildenstern had their fingers crossed ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 26, 2013
NINA DONATO. Say it soft and it's almost like praying. "MARY" is the only reason anyone should see this play. The only reason.... full review
ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 22, 2013
We really enjoyed the show. The characters were well rounded and the interesting thing is that we did not know the show started until the first comedian walked out and Richard walked in. Jaynes mom was great, she was full off energy and funny.... full review
TEZZ YANCEY June 26, 2013
I just had the best theater experience watching this show. I sat with what started out as a group of complete strangers, but by the end of this HILARIOUS play, we were the best of friends. Now if that's not a sign of a quailury show I don't know what is. This show is so well written, cleverly directed and brilliantly acted. How could it not be good? (And it has the distinct ability to unite perfect strangers...Maybe the entire creative team should run for office;) Peppur chambers has, in my opinion, written a home run of a play. As crazy dysfunctional as these characters appear to be you still find yourself relating to them on a simple, human, personal level. Well done!!!... full review

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