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ensemble theatre · dog park theater co. · Ages 16+ · world premiere · United States

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ESTHER TSENG June 13, 2013
Thought-provoking and incredibly well acted. Loved how the character development unfolded. A great study in romantic relationships and what we would do if we could, if we wouldn't be found out.... full review
CHRIS HOFFMAN June 13, 2013
Aperture confuses reality and reminds us that what we see and what we want to see can both be very different from what is true. The ending stuck with me for several days, more than partially due to the flawless versatility of Bridgette Campbell. I will go see it again!... full review
MELANIE COATS June 14, 2013
Aperture is exactly what you hope for in an LA Fringe play, exciting, well written and beautifully acted. Everything was precisely thought out and executed and the attention to detail even extended to the beautiful hand made art work that peppered the sets. The performances were nuanced yet electrifying and the small theater, rather than being a hindrance, became a part of the setting, putting the audience directly into the action and giving us the sense that the actors were not the only voyeurs in the room. Well done!... full review
JOSHUA FARDON June 16, 2013
Funded primarily by passion and performed in a tiny space, Aperture is an inspiration. The acting is fluid and strong; the writing tight, smart, funny, daring and provocative. One hilarious line about boundaries will always stay with me. The play fits neatly into an hour and ends at just the right time. I predicted the big plot twist fairly early on, but its execution was handled so well it didn't bother me. I wish that Los Angeles had more of this kind of totally original, darkly experimental and (relatively) full-length late-night fare happening outside of the perimeters of the Fringe. For now, I'll be grateful to the Fringe for making the notion a possibility and for allowing me to see it happen.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 18, 2013
I really love the characters in this piece. The dialogue is sharp, witty, and at times wonderfully poetic, the trajectory of the characters is engaging and though-provoking. The production has a few minor issues logistically but I found them to be mostly space related, things done to overcome other things that couldn't be altered. I definitely recommend this one if your a fan of Mamet or Shanley.... full review
TRACY HORWATH June 24, 2013
Aperture was exactly what one would hope-a great, suspenseful story, terrific acting and direction, and lots and lots of passion. These are very talented individuals, and they all complement each other perfectly. Matthew Morosky and Christopher Wallinger had such a strong dynamic and played off each other perfectly. Bridgette Campbell provided excellent comic relief, and her natural instinct for acting was able to shine with all the layers and depths her character reaches throughout the play. Aperture tells a wonderful tale about lies, deceit, jealousy and, of course, love. It invokes feelings of sympathy, anger, empathy and hope, and it makes me excited to see what these talented folks come up with next!... full review
JACKIE CLIFFORD certified reviewer June 16, 2013
You know the kind of theatre that is engaging the entire time, and leaves you feeling alive and energized... well, that's how my experience of "Aperture" went. I'm so glad I wasn't deterred by the 11:00pm showing of it. The three actors in it were all rock solid in their performances. Matt Morosky's performance as the lead was amazing. In the opening of the play, he immediately brought the audience into his world and made us care and pay attention. Though his character isn't entirely likable, he managed to portray him so honestly that in that honesty a compassion for him emerges. In fact, what's great about this play is that all the characters are not entirely likable. Bridgette's character is both grotesque and completely adorable. In... full review
WILL SCHMIDT certified reviewer June 17, 2013
This show kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Superbly well acted, laughs when you least expect them and a twist that you'll be remembering for weeks to come. A true treat for any fringe goer.... full review
JOHN BOB June 26, 2013
Aperture was a lot of fun. Great writing and acting, but most importantly, great comedic timing by ALL THREE ACTORS!!! Which seams to be rare nowadays for some reason or another. Not that Aperture is strictly a comedy (it had both dramatic and comedic elements), most of the plays I have seen lately usually consist of a bunch of unbalanced acting performances. Usually one person has good comedic timing and they are sandwiched between a few other actors that are not very good (or at least not very good at comedy.) Of course when that's the case, the entire show suffers as a result. It was nice to see a show where everyone held their own and actually brought something to the table. It seems like most plays have at least one person that seems li... full review


Sometimes love becomes transparent, but is it too late? Through the course of one evening, Nick and Alysha ultimately remind themselves how deep their love is. A knock on the door, however, brings the world crashing down around them.