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Fathers at a Game

ensemble theatre · moving arts · Ages 17+ · United States

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ANONYMOUS certified reviewer June 25, 2013
Three moving and real performances. Watching the dynamics shift and change, you are reminded that this is what the fringe is all about. Go see it!... full review
KATHERINE HUNT June 30, 2013
It was really interesting and the acting was amazing.... full review
COREY CHAPPELL June 08, 2013
I find the premise intriguing. There were a few questions raised that I would have liked answered. I think with a little flushing out, this could be a good script. The director's use of projection on to the minimal set was effective. I would have liked more differentiation in the volume used in the discussions between the characters onstage & their encouragement to the unseen characters offstage. But all in all, the production was enjoyable & worth watching.... full review
RANDI VAUGHAN certified reviewer June 25, 2013
As others wrote in their reviews... i thought I was going to see a show about parents getting too worked-up about their kids playing football. When I realized what the real story was, I actually gasped. From that point until the end, my breathing was strained from the tension and suspense the writer created. I want to "feel" emotions of some kind when I see a performance and this show did not disappoint! Also, the actors did a superb job.... full review
GREEN BEING June 15, 2013
Whoa. Definitely not what I expected after seeing the opening montage of football plays. At that point I was thinking (in a very sarcastic tone): 'Oh great! It's about football...' As it progressed I found myself to be more and more immersed in it. This play is not about football. It's an intense drama about life and death. Minimalistic yet very much interactive set. Haunting soundscapes echo in the back of your mind. Truly fantastic acting engages you. Fathers At a Game is an excellently written, astonishingly directed and executed play. It explodes into your face. Takes you by surprise. A true tour de force show worth seeing more than once. ... full review
Picked this play randomly because I had some time to kill in-between other shows. Turned out to be my best walk-in in years! Fiercely engaging. Vividly executed. Gut wrenching. A must see! This play perfectly explains why I love theater.... full review
ANONYMOUS June 19, 2013
This is a thought provoking play, well written, performed, directed, designed and produced. Slow at first, once the story moves away from the bit too long football becomes truly worthwhile.... full review


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