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Stabilized Not Controlled

solo performance · stage left studio nyc and cheryl king productions · Ages 16+ · one person show · United States

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BRIAN PRISCO June 16, 2013
Frank Blocker's a remarkable actor. And Stabilzed Not Controlled is practically a master-class in how to do a one-person show. Every character -- from the surly maintenance man to the slightly shady female lawyer to the salty older woman who opens the play -- is fully realized. It's not merely a collection of stereotypes loosely cobbled to a funny voice that you see in many other productions. With a stooping shoulder or a hand on a cocked hip, Blocker immediately embodies the ever-shifting cast of characters. And it's not just a series of wacky vignettes hastily nailed together like an amateur SNL audition tape, there's a genuine story beating beneath the piece. Cruel, heartbreaking, hilarious, and poignant, Blocker unleashes his c... full review
If you're fed up with self-indulgent solo shows, then Frank Blocker's "Stabilized Not Controlled" is your cure. He brings to life a variety of disparate characters with biting honesty, compassion and wit. You'll quickly forget it's just one guy embodying these New Yorkers and their competing agendas (and you may find yourself wondering about them afterwards, too). A solid must-see, especially as a Fringe Fest double-bill with Blocker's black comedy, "The Baby."... full review
JENN WEHRUNG June 17, 2013
Stabilized Not Controlled is a one-man roller coaster of a show! Frank Blocker's timing, humor and turn of phrase as a writer are exquisite. As an actor? You almost worry about the mastery with which he embodies each of his characters. Because no sane person could inhabit such different personalities so completely as to bring them so fully to life. Thank God for his insanity!! He dances forth and back and back and forth among them so seamlessly telling a story of New York that one leaves wanting to live and feeling like they already have. And maybe grab a gin & tonic and a nosh at a dive bar with Lorna Breedlove- one of my favorites of the 18 characters Blocker introduces!! It was a truly wonderful evening at the theatre! ... full review
DAVID SHERRY certified reviewer June 26, 2013
Frank Blocker is one of those rare actors who can embody a character with total conviction, only this time he embodies at least 17 of them. Great writing and a great performance!... full review
What the Hell are you waiting for? GO! I paid for a whole seat, but only used the edge. Blocker was killin' me. Nobody knew WHO he was going to be next or what they were going to do: an unpredictable plot that moves! BTW: be sure you pee BEFORE you go in because if you don't, you'll have to in the first ten. I swear. Then, you'll miss even more great stuff. ... full review
ANONYMOUS June 25, 2013
This is not your typical one person show. I'm not a fan of one person shows. I don't want to sit there and watch someone tell me stories about themselves. Thank goodness Frank Blocker isn't into that either. "Stabilized Not Controlled" isn't a one man show it's a one man play. Frank cuts a slice right out of New York city life and brings it straight to small audiences in Los Angeles. The story revolves around the personalities associated with a rent stabilized apartment building in Manhattan. Frank plays at least 10 characters in this play and each one is clear and fully realized. Franks deftly jumps in and out of characters. One minute he's a little old lady/former sex addict and the next he's a career stoner. All of these character... full review
Frank's characters explode on the stage with power and humor. You have to see this show, you will be amazed at Frank's chameleon like skills!!! Philip Galinsky Executive Producer THE MANHATTAN MONOLOGUE SLAM full review
AMY HEATH BELL June 24, 2013
Frank Blocker completely amazed me! I forgot I was watching one person and felt like I was watching an entire ensemble cast. His energy and commitment pull you completely into the world of this apartment building and the wacky, wild and even heartbreaking characters that live there. This is such a fun way to spend the evening, I'm so glad I got the chance to experience Mr. Blocker's New York. Don't miss it!... full review
JOSE COREA certified reviewer June 17, 2013
This show was fun to watch. There were many beautiful moments, including a standoff between a tenant manager and a transvestite homeless person that kept screaming "I am Jackie Onassis!"—I will definitely remember that expression for a while. The story was a little slow at times, but Frank Blocker is an amazing performer. He is worth checking out.... full review
IAN TITUS June 25, 2013
This is not your mama's typical one-man show. Mr. Blocker brings depth and hilarity to even the most seemingly slight characters he portrays. STABILIZED NOT CONTROLLED plays out like a demented patient having an attack of multiple personalities on stage, but in Frank Blocker's hands this is a great thing -- a sharp, witty, disturbing and ultimately rewarding experience. Run, don't walk to see it before it goes. And bring your friends!... full review


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