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Harmon Leon in Ironic/NOT Ironic

comedy · harmon leon inc. · Ages 15+ · one person show · United States

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ANONYMOUS June 27, 2013
A bizarre show with a misleading description. Does not really dissect irony. The show instead is about a poet who was notoriously bad, so bad that it was a kind of genius. It honestly feels like the show is attempting to be that as well. The show is bad, and yet it feels like a deliberate choice, the show less about the piece and more about the audience's reaction to the piece. The repetition in the piece grates, the humor often misses the mark. I give credit to the performer for giving it his all, and his ability to work with a small audience (his energy and commitment did not waver for a second). I ultimately can't recommend the show, especially with a price tag of $15. The runtime on the show I attended was 40 minutes.... full review

Free show this Saturday!

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