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First Date Night

ensemble theatre · open fist theatre company · Ages 18+ · world premiere · United States

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MICHAEL FRANCO June 23, 2013
Fine performances and writing. First Dates is three stories about the foibles of First Dates. A lesbian blind date A literal blind date and a morning after all make for an entertaining hour of theater. Stand out performances by Beth Robbins, Allison Mattox, Algerita Wynn and Kiley Eberhart. I highly recommend the show.... full review
DAVID ANIS June 25, 2013
Why aren't there more reviews for this?? Checked out this show at random for my girlfriend's first time at the Hollywood Fringe. It was our favorite show that evening! It's a fun night out with some endearing characters and stories, and there are some hilarious bits as well. We both just loved the older actress in the first scene, just an incredibly charming performance! I don't see many theatre pieces lately that I feel would be accessible to a truly broad audience, but this is one I would readily recommend at the Fringe. It was a good date night!... full review
BOB LEGGETT certified reviewer June 27, 2013
This show is a series of three one-acts under the heading of First Dates. This was a true collaborative effort. All three were eloquently written and staged around the same couch and living room. Each story told a very humorous tale about the hazards of dating. Again, I laughed hard as many portions of the story lines hit me like an RPG, as I recalled similar situations in my own past dating life. I recommend this show. It was fun to watch the hazards of dating life play out on the stage, and be happy that they weren't happening to me.... full review


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