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Generation ME the Musical

musicals and operas · flying monkey productions · Ages 13+ · world premiere · United States

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Don’t miss this original teen musical, performed by teen actors!

A Hollywood Premiere!

At fifteen Milo Reynolds had it all: a seat at the popular table, the perfect girlfriend, the “coolest” parents, and friends who worship him. So, when Milo kills himself Monday morning, his friends and family are left questioning everything they thought they knew about him.

Generation ME explores the heartbreak, confusion, and survivor’s guilt of the effects of suicide on those left behind. Told in flashbacks that open Milo’s story to the audience like a mystery, Generation ME identifies a generation more privileged, self-interested, oblivious… and lonelier than ever.

Directed by Ryan Warren
Book & Lyrics by Julie Soto
Music by Will Finan

production team

debbie soto *
marketing and promotions
julie soto *
book and lyrics
kayla wood *
actor - kaylee summers
madison judd *
actor - harper ellis
caroline coyle *
actor - ginny george
liam o'donnell *
actor - milo reynolds
jake young *
actor - dylan delfino
marcus wells *
actor - marvin ellis
breanna white *
actor - lex harris
kennedy slocum *
actor - addison devoe
l michael wells *
actor - edward weiber
jenna bergman *
actor - dani ebner
christine tucker *
actor - zoe reynolds
nathan duke *
actor - elliott mcqueen
lindsey molineaux *
production assistant
abbott edwards *
actor - riley simmons
kassidy henson *
actor - maggie adams
elle berti *
actor - sara goslin
john novotny *
actor - cody bennett
cameron reck *
actor - kyle peterson

* Fringe Veteran