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Women on the Verge

solo performance · groundbreaking studios · Ages 12+ · one person show · United States

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AUBREY MOZINO certified reviewer June 25, 2014
tagged as: brilliant
This may be a one-woman show, but you'll leave the theatre thinking there's no way Faith Collins was the only actor onstage. These are women worth my full review here: full review
What can I say about Women On the Ferge?? Kimba Henderson does it again! This play is relatable for everyone whose got "family"! The writing is layered with such texture...handcrafted stories from a family of women, expressing their life experiences in their different walks of life. Keith Johnson outlines the layers perfectly; and the very talented Faith Collins paints this canvas of women with brights colors of laughter, sadness, strength, regret, and hope. This is a must see! ... full review
MERCEDES MANNING certified reviewer June 29, 2014
Faith Collins and Keith Johnson and the rest of the team behind "Women on the Verge" are all simply amazing. The boundless grace and respect Collins showed her characters, the harnessing and direction of her energy by Johnson, the poetry of Kimba Henderson, all made for a supremely transportive experience. I felt honored to be in the audience. ... full review
STEVEN ROSENTHAL certified reviewer June 20, 2014
WOMEN ON THE VERGE is a well written, well acted portrait of 6 different women in highly comedic and mostly stressful situations. Each mini-performance is designed to entertain and pull at your heart strings. The best ones were the highly verbal woman in a beauty salon and the drunken wedding crasher at the wrong affair.... full review
LISA COLE certified reviewer June 19, 2014
Faith covers six different women's perspective on family and life. Faith moves from one to the other seamlessly. She's an engaging storyteller. The show is honest and raw - and has you giggling all at the same time. Add this show to your 'must-sees' at Fringe! ... full review
JEF MCCLURE June 19, 2014
Faith Collins delivers an excellent performance. Embodying six very different family members she displays true acting grit, moving easily from light and funny to deep and all too real. The humorous and poignant writing supports a powerful performance from a talented actress. Don't miss it!... full review
The show began with music from Tracy Chapman and for me that was already a clue that the work would be truth. I was not let down. Faith began as a small child and the women she goes onto share with us give us many revelations of what it means to be a woman that comes from many women who all have difficulties living. Her unflinching commitment to these women leaves one no choice but to go on this hilarious, painful, honest & unknown ride. Sometimes the pain is easier than the anger or forgiving. Faith shows us one can survive their past by forgiving, perhaps even accepting those deep pieces of ourselves.... full review
CISCO M June 22, 2014
A wonderful performance of multiple women with multiple stories. Faith does a great job moving through each one and every story kept me interested. All in all a great show!... full review
JENN WILSON July 15, 2014
Faith Collins knocked it out of the park. I truly got invested in each character as she brought them to life as their own separate identities. Some funny, some sad, hopeful, even joyful. I had my favorites of course, but each and every character's story was a thrill to watch, thanks to the love Faith had for them all. ... full review
BRIANNA KNICKERBOCKER certified reviewer July 09, 2014
Faith Collins explores the lives of different women in such a poignant and delicate manner. She touches on their fears, their hopes, through strong perspective and introspection. I laughed so hard at times and at others couldn't help but cry, because through Faith's storytelling I could truly empathize with these women and their plights. Beautifully acted and executed, I loved peeking into these different worlds, thanks to Faith Collins and the wonderful writer Kimba Henderson and director Keith Johnson.... full review


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