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Short Plays for All Your Problems!

ensemble theatre · winner entertainment · Ages 17+ · world premiere · United States

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June 29, 2014 certified reviewer

My overall impression

This was an interesting collection of skits/ short plays. It had lots of adult language so not for kids. The Title really has nothing to do with the content so it could have been called “Short Plays to Conquer Communism” and it would have been just as appropriate.
The show consisted of 9 skits. Some I felt that it might have sounded like a good idea while discussing at a party but failed to make an impact. A few dealt with real life situations. The most impactful was the last skit (Penguin and the Pumpkin) but I would have not had that the last one. My favorite was the most realistic “The First Awkward Silence” followed closely by “Motivating the Mime” mostly because of the performances.
Perhaps the one skit that ended up not making sense was the first one. (
In it there was a detective that was grilling Wizard of Oz characters over a “murder”. It was an interesting take. Unfortunately the end left me going “WTF?” because the lead detective (once again SPOILER ALERT) ended up being the “murder victim.” So in the end the person calling them murderers is the supposed victim? If you are alive, they didn’t kill you.
Other than that it was a good cast and and interesting collection of skits.

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